9 Best YouTube Video Downloader Apps in 2024

9 Best YouTube Video Downloader Apps in 2024

With online video streaming more ubiquitous than ever, having the ability to download YouTube videos for simplified offline playback has become extremely valuable for users across both desktop and mobile devices. Fortunately, great specialized YouTube downloading tools make saving videos for offline viewing easy and intuitive. This extensive guide will explore the top 9 highest-rated YouTube video downloader apps to consider across various platforms.

Benefits of Using a YouTube Video Downloader

Before reviewing the leading downloader options, let’s first examine why utilizing a dedicated tool for grabbing YouTube videos can prove so helpful:

  • Enable Offline Viewing – By saving videos directly onto your device storage; you can watch clips later without an internet connection available. This makes downloaders perfect for flights, long commutes, trips abroad, and anywhere connectivity is limited. Offline viewing represents one of the biggest motivations to download.
  • Avoid Mobile Data Overage Charges – Streaming high definition Youtube content can quickly consume gigabytes of mobile data monthly. Going over your data limits can be highly costly for those on metered plans with usage caps, thanks to overage fees. Downloading over WiFi prevents eating into your monthly data allotment.
  • Prevent Losing Access to Favorite Content – Video content online often gets removed over time for various reasons. Users delete original video uploads, channels get banned, and media companies pull clips. By downloading your favorite YouTube videos, you have permanent backup copies protected from losing access.
  • Gain an Ad-Free Viewing Experience – The streaming versions of YouTube videos contain mandatory advertisements that cannot be skipped or blocked. This disrupts and lengthens viewing sessions. Downloading YouTube clips removes all ads from videos for uninterrupted enjoyment and quicker watch-throughs.
  • Enhanced Privacy – Sharing downloaded files as attachments or via offline transfer affords more privacy than sharing YouTube watch links, exposing what recipients view to Google in account histories. Keep your viewing habits private.

Additional niche benefits include making video edits and customizations possible through downloadable digital copies. However, core perks like enabling offline playback, minimizing costly overages, preserving access against deletion, removing ads, and enhancing privacy cover the universal motivations for adding a YouTube downloading tool into your online video streaming workflow.

Below, we survey dedicated downloader apps across mobile, desktop, and cloud platforms that excel at enabling those key advantages unique to locally saving YouTube videos versus relying purely on streaming alone.

Comparison of the Best YouTube Video Downloader Apps

Based on research of specialized downloader tools for grabbing YouTube videos to watch offline later, these nine options stand out as top recommendations across Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebook devices thanks to balanced evaluations around download speeds, output quality options, overall interfaces, simplicity of use, special integrated features beyond just downloading, and long-term reliability:

1. Y2mate – Best Web-Based YouTube Video Downloader

Key Features

  • Save clips up to 8K quality
  • Ultra-fast multi-threaded processing
  • Batch download channels & playlists
  • 1000+ supported sites beyond Youtube
  • Clean ad-free interface
  • No software downloads are required

Available entirely online through the Y2mate website, this slick tool brings excellent YouTube video batch downloading thanks to smart multithreading that speeds up performance. Expect a clean interface utterly free of annoying ads or bloat. Just paste in the links and go!

With support for downloading in resolutions from 144p up through 8K quality across 1000+ additional sites beyond only YouTube, Y2mate caters well to both power and casual users alike. Test out this frictionless tool protected by top-grade security when grabbing your favorite YouTube videos.

2. 4K Video Downloader – Best Open Source YouTube Video Grabber

Key Features

  • Lightning-fast download speeds
  • Grabs entire playlists & channels
  • Free & open source
  • Simple, intuitive interfaces
  • Actively developed

As an open-source program actively developed over the past decade, 4K Video Downloader lives up to its name as a beloved free option for downloading YouTube videos up to 4K quality and quickly getting entire playlists and channels in bulk.

The 4K Video Downloader retains top marks in areas like download speed, output quality retention, and straightforward usability through an intuitive interface thanks to ongoing community enhancements. The software excels at precisely what its name promises – rapidly getting videos offline from YouTube for convenience.

3. VideoProc Converter – Most Powerful All-In-One Video Software

Key Features

  • Lightning-fast 4K/8K YouTube downloads
  • Complete video editing & enhancement suite
  • Hardware accelerated encoding
  • Screen recording tools
  • Intuitive design across Windows & Mac

While most competitors offer pared-down tools exclusively focused on the downloading process itself, VideoProc Converter desktop software provides a complete integrated suite going far beyond introductory YouTube video grabs also to include complete video editing, converting, compressing, recording, and enhancement capabilities powered by CPU+GPU-based optimization for blazing speeds.

Within VideoProc’s excellent design, expect functionality covering:

  • Rapidly download 4K and even 8K YouTube videos
  • Compress existing clips to reduce file sizes
  • Convert between 1000+ video/audio formats like MP4, MOV, MKV, MP3 and more
  • Custom trim, crop, splice, rotate, subtitle, and watermark your footage
  • Extract and save audio soundtracks from video
  • Screen record your computer or iOS mobile device at 60 FPS
  • Stabilize shaky GoPro or drone clips
  • Fix fisheye lens distortion
  • Boost color, brightness, and volume
  • Merge files into a single video project
  • Preserve metadata details from downloads
  • Fix stereo sound direction
  • Set custom output resolutions
  • Split downloads into chunks
  • Create animated GIFs from segments

The complete VideoProc Converter toolset delivers far beyond the capabilities of essential standalone downloader apps. It provides everything needed to grab YouTube video content and significantly enhance, customize, and convert downloads into perfectly optimized media for any situation.

4. iTubeGo Youtube Downloader – Best for iPhone & iPad

Key Features

  • Designed exclusively for iOS
  • HD, SD, and MP3 quality options
  • Bulk channel/playlist downloads
  • Video edits, compression, and management
  • AirPlay streaming support

Those focused exclusively on Apple’s ecosystem will appreciate how smoothly iTubeGo Youtube Downloader delivers an optimal user experience through tight integration. Offering much more than downloading functionality alone, expect video management tools plus integrated editors for trimming footage, compression options to conserve storage space, metadata downloading simultaneously, and support for directly streaming downloads to AppleTV devices via AirPlay without requiring any format conversion hassles.

As a specialized YouTube video downloader crafted solely to maximize the iPhone and iPad experience for saving clips, iTubeGo provides a streamlined grab-and-go workflow.

5. Video Keeper+ (iOS/Android)

Key Features

  • Cross-platform mobile support
  • Flexible download & storage options
  • Transcode downloads for universal playback
  • Downloads video or audio formats
  • In-app music & video players
  • Video editing capabilities

Catering to iPhone and Android mobile users, Video Keeper+ brings excellent broad device support, allowing downloads from YouTube then easily transferred between platforms thanks to built-in conversion and separate storage options tailored for each operating system kept isolated.

Flexible quality profiles can be customized across downloads, bringing excellent adaptability. Applying video edits after grabbing chosen YouTube clips provides a helpful integrated workflow. The ability to store downloads externally on SD cards or through cloud services also protects limited onboard storage capacity,

6. SnapTube Youtube Downloader (Android)

Key Features

  • Elegant Android interface
  • Grab videos in 180p – 4320p quality
  • Video downloads from 30+ sites
  • Music & video players included
  • Themed personalization options

Those focused exclusively on Android mobile devices will appreciate SnapTube’s excellent attention to detail in providing a wonderfully optimized native experience around downloading videos from YouTube and over 30 additional streaming services.

Expect quality retention across six different resolution tiers up to 4320p, supporting grabbing the highest fidelity downloads possible on Android smartphones and tablets. Integrated media players provide excellent playback without transferring downloads to additional apps. Personalization through themes and other options helps tailor SnapTube to your preferences

7. ByClick Youtube Video Downloader (Chrome Extension)

Key Features

  • Tiny storage footprint
  • Chrome web browser integration
  • Quick single-click downloads
  • Auto-detects videos on pages
  • Standalone browser extension

ByClick Video Downloader sets itself apart from traditional app installs by seamlessly integrating directly into Chrome as an add-on accessible across any operating system capable of running Google’s leading browser. This makes set up incredibly easy while retaining permanent access in Chrome.

Once installed, the extension runs silently in the background, automatically detecting when playable video content is available on pages you visit across the web. Click ByClick’s icon to instantly grab MP4 files of YouTube videos in their highest available quality – no hassle or complicated options. Straightforward simplicity.

8. YTD Youtube Video Downloader (Windows & Mac)

Key Features

  • Desktop program for saving clips
  • Downloads various resolutions
  • Batch downloading in bulk
  • Only supports Youtube
  • Some interface ads

YTD Youtube Video Downloader focuses exclusively on providing desktop downloader functionality for Windows and MacOS users aimed at getting YouTube videos offline. Expect quality options ranging up to 1080p through batch downloading entire playlists plus channels quickly thanks to multithreading support speeds.

The tradeoff of YTD’s specialization is integratingthe some interface advertisements and limitations exclusively on YouTube as the singular streaming site supported. But for seamless computer-based batch downloading focused squarely on YouTube, YTD Video Downloader provides excellent, reliable functionality.

9. DVDVideoSoft Youtube to MP3 Converter (Windows & Mac)

Key Features

  • Extracts & saves audio as MP3
  • Simple, clean interface
  • Additional video tool integrations
  • Support for 500+ file types
  • Free to use

DVDVideoSoft focuses its YouTube downloader capabilities squarely on music saving by specializing primarily in extracting and converting video soundtracks into portable MP3 audio files. This allows capturing your favorite songs from music videos, concert footage, album previews and more.

The tool supports general video conversion across over 500 file types beyond just YouTube. Expect DVDVideoSoft’s specialty combination of audio extraction plus broader video conversion accessible entirely free to provide helpful supplementary capabilities alongside standalone downloader apps covered earlier for the most flexibility.

Criteria for Evaluating YouTube Video Downloaders

With those nine best YouTube video downloader recommendations covered as top options to consider across various devices and use cases, what criteria are most helpful for evaluating tools?

Here are key factors to weigh as you assess downloader options:

  • Download Speeds – Faster batch downloading efficiency enables more significant productivity long-term. Balance against quality tradeoffs.
  • Output Quality – Support for resolutions like 1080p, 4K, or even 8K keeps quality high when desired.
  • Supported Sites – Beyond solely YouTube, many apps grab videos from dozens of streaming services.
  • Interface Design – Clean navigation exposes full functionality intuitively. Bloat undermines enjoyment.
  • Advertising Policies – Overbearing ads diminish satisfaction over time. Seek respectful enhancements.
  • Secondary Tools – Capabilities like video editing and compression after downloading provide helpful flexibility
  • Safety assurance – Critical protection against malware risks, which some rogue apps expose users dangerously in exchange for free usage enticements.
  • Customer Support – Even the best apps face issues over time. Vital tech assistance provides peace of mind.

Evaluating YouTube video downloader tools across those key pillars helps identify the best match for your needs and preferences.

How to Download Youtube Videos

While specific steps vary across the myriad YouTube video downloader options covered, on a high level, the process of saving YouTube clips offline involves:

  1. Installing or accessing the downloader tool
  2. Copying the link location of the desired YouTube video
  3. Pasting that Youtube URL within the downloader app
  4. Selecting preferred download quality and format
  5. Specifying storage location destination on the device
  6. Starting the video download to complete saving locally
  7. Later, accessing the YouTube video files from device storage offline!

Grabbing even lengthy high-fidelity one-hour+ videos at 1080p or 4K resolutions takes a few minutes. Some desktop programs accelerate throughput further through smart multithreading. Expect downloading entire YouTube playlists and channels in bulk to take longer depending on video quantity, length, and output quality preferred.

Be sure to have enough local disk space for saving the downloads. Modern videos consume at least a few hundred megabytes per hour of footage at HD resolutions.

Why Download Youtube Videos?

Beyond the advantages already covered, like minimizing mobile data usage, enabling offline viewing anywhere, permanently archiving favorite clips safe from deletion, removing mandatory ads, and enhancing privacy controls – here are some additional motivations for downloading YouTube videos using specialized apps:

  • Custom Playback Options – Streaming locks you into YouTube’s ecosystem. However, downloading allows playback through alternative apps like VLC Media Player, which offers greater speed control, looping, custom subtitles, spatial audio, etc.
  • Flexible Sharing – Trying to share links to YouTube videos exposes what recipients view to Google and requires them to sit through ads and channel recommendations. Downloaded files skip all that.
  • Enabling Video Edits & Memes – Accessing video files stored locally unlocks creative possibilities for trimming segments, adding captions, stitching together compilation clips, creating memes, producing music videos, etc.
  • Entertainment When Traveling – Flights, cruises, train rides, hotel stays, and other destinations with limited connectivity constrain entertainment options. Downloaded videos solve this.

The abilities to customize playback to your exact preferences, privately share content without exposure, unlock creative editing potential, and enjoy ad-free entertainment anywhere combine to make downloading YouTube videos tremendously valuable versus simply relying on streaming alone long into the future, thanks to specialized grabber apps.

Critical Criteria for Selecting a YouTube Downloader

When choosing a YouTube video downloader, several critical criteria should be evaluated to determine the best match for your needs. You can confidently select a reliable tool by comparing options across these pillars.

Security and Safety

Safety should be the absolute top priority, as you want assurance your devices remain free from malware risks. Analyze the reputation of developers, examine public code repositories if open source, and read objective reviews from security experts, explicitly calling out vulnerabilities uncovered over months of real-world tool usage across thousands of users.

Quality of Downloads

Look for tools touting support for saving clips up to 1080p or 4K quality when available from YouTube. Higher resolution downloads ensure videos retain maximum crispness for enjoying the highest details on your screens. Beware of apps promoting suspiciously ultra-high outputs unsupported by source streams as an indication of shady practices.

Download Speed

Favor options highlight accelerated multi-threaded downloading architectures and GPU encoding optimization, leveraging graphical processors for desktop or mobile devices to maximize throughput. These produce noticeable speed improvements when processing lengthy or batch video queue saves compared to single-threaded apps using only CPU resources.

Playlist & Channel Downloading

For power users planning to download lots of content, the ability to grab entire YouTube playlists and channels in bulk sequentially can dramatically improve workflow over having to paste one link at a time.

Post-Production Editing Tools

While not strictly required, some solutions bake in advanced tools extending capabilities beyond mere downloading, like video trimming, format converting, subtitle support, compression settings, fisheye corrections, and more. These bonus features add helpful flexibility depending on your plans after grabbing clips.


This expansive survey and comparison of the top recommended YouTube video downloader apps as of 2024 conveys excellent options to facilitate saving streaming clips across desktop, iOS, and Android devices.

The tools reviewed deliver tailored experiences focused on everything from rapid batch downloading to tight device ecosystem integration, even extending capabilities into post-production video editing suites.

The detailed assessment provides ample background for determining which solution best aligns with your budget, target device type, use case needs, and feature preferences when downloading YouTube videos for simplified offline playback minus interruptive ads anywhere.

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