Accounting In 97227-How To Reach 7 Best Accountants

Accounting In 97227-How To Reach 7 Best Accountants

Selecting an accountant is essential to a company’s success since it guarantees tax compliance, financial stability, and strategic financial planning. Proficiency in financial analysis, tax optimization, and budgeting enables companies to maximize earnings, make well-informed decisions, and successfully negotiate challenging financial situations—all of which promote sustainable expansion and prosperity. This article aims to link individuals with the top local professionals in 97227.

H.J. Yu and Associates, LLC

Public accounting company H.J. Yu & Associates, LLC is situated in 97227, Oregon, and focuses on public and private organizations equally. The crew of the company has experience of more than 25 years, and previous clients have praised them for their knowledge and high-quality work.

T.D. Consulting Group, P.C.

The CPAs and business consultants at T.D. Consulting Group, P.C. serves 97227 startup companies, high-net-worth individuals, and small businesses. It offers a variety of assistance, including tax planning and preparation for businesses and individuals, as well as drafting and reviewing financial statements.

Rainbow Tax and Accounting

The clients of this Accounting Company, situated in Milwaukie, Oregon, span the gamut from sole proprietors to international conglomerates. The organization offers various services, including business growth, budget tracking, and financial record keeping. Individuals can reach the business via phone, email, or social media to schedule an appointment or ask inquiries about their financial or tax circumstances.


The founder of Spring, Jillian Plank, is a businesswoman and CPA. She serves small enterprises and Fortune 500 firms. With her knowledge in both industries, her company handles accounting and other business financial tasks to save time. Her team assists clients with bookkeeping, business and personal taxation, cash flow, and budgeting. Accounting tools like QuickBooks are also taught.

3rd Generation Accounting, INC

The company is in its third generation of family control since 1948. Sue, an Enrolled Agent and Licenced Tax Consultant, runs the business. As an Accredited Tax Advisor, she offers tax preparation, business oversight, payroll coordination, management of accounts, and profitability consulting.

Irvine and Company, LLC

Oregon accounting firm that solves tax and financial concerns for businesses and individuals. This company employs twenty full-time employees and has existed for over twenty years. The organization provides corporate oversight, planning, profitability advice, tax preparation, and long-term business counseling.

Dowsett Dog and Doler, P.C.

The company has been around for over 21 years, and its licensed CPAs have degrees from places like the University of Oregon and Portland State University. The firm’s employees are also members of the Public Accountants, who are certified by the Institute of America and the Management Association of Healthcare Finance.

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What exactly does an accountant do?

Accountants are responsible for keeping track of money and making sense of financial data. One company’s accountant can oversee payroll, while another keeps the books. An accountant may focus on a subfield within the profession, such as tax law.

Should every business have an accountant?

Except during tax time, most businesses don’t need the services of an accountant. The accounting needs of a small business owner are more complex than those of an individual, making professional accounting services more necessary for business owners.

To become an accountant, how many years of schooling are required?

Although some two-year colleges offer CPA exam preparation courses, most accounting jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree.

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