All You Need to Know About Child Custody in Dubai

Child Custody

A family bond plays vital role in every child’s life. The children who have seen their parents fighting, are the ones effected by the environment. Their confidence is completely shattered; therefore, they do not excel in academics. However, if two people part ways after marriage, they should think about their child carefully. It is better to get separated ethically rather than keep fighting in front of your child.

Dubai is one of the most best and diverse places where the laws are applied on Muslims and Non-Muslims both, according to their religions. Moreover, the Family Lawyers in Dubai intervene when the divorce needs to be filed as well as the child custody and visitation rights need to be worked on.

  • Children are mentally challenged when they have to choose between their parents. According to the Federal Law No. 28 of 2005 known as the UAE Personal Status law, the verdict is given in the best interests of the child. However, the state would want to have a secure lifestyle for the child in the future. Usually, the mother is granted custody of a young child, but it can be joint custody too. Sometimes, the custody is given to the father, too.
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  • In any of the custodianship, the visitation rights are given to the non-custodial parent. This means that the child is given time by their parents to have good relations with them. The dispute over visitation may rise and family lawyers in Dubai might have to intervene.
  • They would tell the parents about the visitation rights and how they can become better parents for their child while living separately. With the guidance of lawyers, parents can make better decisions for their child at every stage.
  • The lawyers will do the paperwork to make every procedure legal to avoid confusion at a later stage. The decisions could be made amicable, if the lawyer would tackle the case smartly. Therefore, while choosing a lawyer, you must know that he possesses good communication skills. A good deal can be made without any fight. Whenever you decide to part ways with your spouse, discuss child custody before making an informed decision.

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Protection of Domestic Violence Victims

Most of the victims are female or children. Men would beat their women or do not provide any security for no reason are the forms of domestic violence. However, the Family Lawyers in Dubai have dealt with the cases of victims and succeeded even.

The family laws in Dubai have protection orders for the affected victims of domestic violence. The lawyers would protect the victims by restricting the preparator to approach the victim. In most cases, the victim is not residing in the same place as the preparator is. Therefore, they may not contact the victim easily. Such orders would make victims safe from the abuse.

When it comes to concerns of those affected victims, the Family lawyers in Dubai jump in. They would not only provide legal guidance on the case, but they will try to provide safety in whatever they can. Most commonly, the victims are not informed about their rights. The family lawyer would tell them about their rights and give them options to work on the issue of domestic violence.

But, if a whistleblower comes to file the complaint, the lawyer should ask them to gather the facts. For evidence, they can guide the whistleblower or the victim that what type of evidence they are looking for.

Sometimes, the victim is not able to talk about it. Hence, the lawyer should have good communication skills. They should understand that the victim may not speak up easily and they should give the victim a little break.

Moreover, safety should be guaranteed to the victim in whatever it is possible. Usually, women do not talk about domestic violence because they are scared to get attacked by the preparator. However, if the victim is reassured of their safety, they would come in to speak about it. Therefore, the lawyers should maintain confidentiality about the victim wherever possible.

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