Attribution Analytics: TikTok’s First-Party Measurement Solution For Advertisers

Attribution Analytics TikTok's First-Party Measurement Solution For Advertisers

Nov. 3, 2023: TikTok launches Attribution Analytics, a first-party measurement solution within TikTok’s Ads Manager, to help advertisers measure the results of their TikTok advertisement campaigns. This tool helps them gain deeper insights into users’ conversion data.

It also enables advertisers to understand the customer journey on TikTok with a clearer view of the non-linear customer’s path to success. The journey is:

  • Awareness
  • Discovery
  • Action

The first released feature is “Performance Comparison”. It offers you the ability to compare your performance across different attribution windows. Considering that this tool only reports conversion data and does not impact optimization, it is essential. You can access Attribution Analytics within the Analytics tab in TikTok Ads Manager. With Performance Comparison, you can:

  • Compare and examine the number of events registered for essential activities such as View Content, Add to Cart, Start Checkout, and Purchase under various attribution windows and the effect on key performance indicators such as cost per acquisition (CPA).
  • Track changes in your CPA, click-through, and view-through conversion rates for various click-and-view attribution window combinations.
  • Analyze current attribution settings to set up future measurement strategies.

According to Thomas Carter, a senior TikTok strategist:

“Having visibility into extra click-through and view-through event data has made it easier to prove TikTok’s value and scale our clients’ campaigns. This tool has allowed them to look beyond a standard last-click window more confidently.”

A TikTok meta-study on conversion lift found that click attribution undervalues TikTok conversions by 73%. There are 4 ways to use the Performance Comparison tool:

Arrive at the attribution window.

Depending on their industry, prospective buyers may complete their purchasing journey in different timeframes. The default window does not capture the actual value driven by your marketing. You may evaluate conversions across many attribution windows using Performance Comparison, and you can choose the one that best fits your business objectives.

TikTok is rеnownеd for its еngaging vidеo contеnt. Analyzing pеrformancе comparisons can highlight thе significancе of viеw-through attributеd convеrsions, particularly when еvaluating various viеw-through attribution timеframеs (such as 1 day and 7 days). This information can inform dеcisions about еnhancing your viеw-through attribution stratеgiеs.

Think beyond the last click.

Click-based conversions cannot capture the impact of TikTik on your business alone. Performance comparison can bridge the gap by providing deeper insights into the user’s insights. Data from pеrformancе comparisons shows thе convеrsion behavior of usеrs who makе a purchasе aftеr viеwing an ad without clicking, as wеll as thе timеframе within which usеrs makе a purchasе aftеr clicking and viеwing an ad.

Onboard new measurement solution

TikTok offers both first-party and third-party measurement solutions that let you create several sources of accurate information on the effectiveness of your campaign. You can rethink your measurement strategies and consider alternate methods like lift studies, post-purchase surveys, and multi-touch attribution.

You can also compare date performances at three different levels:

  • Ad Account Level
  • Campaign-Level
  • Ad Group Level

TikTok is dedicated to consistently innovating measurement solutions to help advertisers get an objective and transparent view of their advertising investments. They will also upgrade Attribution Analytics with multiple features and support other campaign types, including app, offline, shops, etc. Stay tuned!

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