Best 4 Youtube to Mp3 Converter for free in 2023

Youtube to Mp3

Have you ever wondered if you can extract the audio of your youtube videos without any hassle? Sometimes we badly need audio from youtube videos to create content. But youtube doesn’t have this feature available. However, some tools can convert your youtube videos to mp3 within seconds.

Now there is no need to use screen recorders and video editors as these top 4 youtube to mp3 converters in 2023 will do your job within minutes. We have compiled a list of these online mp3 converters for your ease. you can use any tool as per your preference. So let’s dig into this article and see how these tools are great for you.

What is youtube to mp3 converter?

The online tool is designed to extract audio from a specific youtube video. If anybody wants to extract audio content from youtube video these mp3 converters works best for them. The one audio file can be added and played on multiple devices without ruining the voice quality.

The biggest advantage of using a youtube to mp3 converter is that you can save your data as youtube videos take time to load and takes most of your mobile data. This tool is indeed a great idea for those who want to listen to podcasts, songs, stories, and many more without playing long youtube videos.

Benefits of youtube to mp3 converter

There are many paid tools available online for music and audio collections but unfortunately, folks are more attracted to the free version. For that youtube to mp3 converters works great as the files are easy to convert. Youtube is the only place in the world where you can get a vast collection of songs so people prefer to download their mp3 format through youtube to mp3 converters.

Is youtube to mp3 converter legal?

The videos where you get to see copyright issue is illegal to download. If you are using a person it is not legal but if you are extracting video from already converted youtube video it is legal and you can do your work without any hassle.

4 Best Youtube Converters in 2023

1. Y2mate

This ultimate tool is designed for your ease and comes with multiple features for folks. If you are using Y2 mate you will be able to download files not just in mp3 but in various formats. This website’s best feature is that you will have the authority to extract audio files from various platforms other than youtube which are daily motion, Youku, facebook, and many more. The only drawback of using Ymate is that you have to download every audio individually as it lacks a batch downloading feature.

2. Kapwing

Looking for an all-rounder youtube to mp3 converter? if you are wondering what’s so special about knowing? Well, the users can not only just convert their mp3 files but they can even use the software video editing features. Suppose you want to trim a specific part of the video before extracting audio this feature-rich tool will do your work within seconds due to its editing capability. Apart from that you can even add subtitles as well for your ease.

3. Vixy free order

If you are a person who loves to use the desktop version of various software then vixy Free Order is for you. This simple tool comes with a convincing audio extract feature not just for youtube but for other forums as well. Apart from that it has a screen recording built-in feature available for your ease.

4. Clipconverter

A clip converter is a free tool that allows users to convert their media files into an audio format. All you need to do is just paste your video URL into the software’s dashboard and your file will automatically start converting video into mp3 version.

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