Best Military Air Show in the World

Get ready for an awesome show! Military air shows are like the coolest things ever, with super loud engines, planes doing crazy stunts, and everyone cheering like crazy. 

These are not just regular events, it’s a world-class excitement that everyone loves to enjoy. In this definitive guide, we have chosen the best military air shows from all around the globe and make a list for your next fun.

Each show is like a mix of super-precise flying, powerful planes, and just really amazing sky skills. It’s like a big party where people from all over the world get together to watch incredible air performances that make you go, “Wow!”

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh – United States

Right in the middle of all things aviation, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh in the United States is like a paradise for airplane fans. It’s not just any show; it’s a whole week of excitement at Wittman Regional Airport. There, you’ll find the biggest collection of warbirds, cool aerobatic displays, and experimental planes. 

It’s like a big, lively party celebrating the awesome history and new ideas of flying. Don’t miss “Warbird Alley” with its super cool vintage military planes. And, oh, the night air shows? They’re like pure magic with dazzling pyrotechnics that make the whole event even more gigantic and fun!

Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) – United Kingdom

Let’s hop across the Atlantic and check out the fancy RAF Fairford, where the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) takes off. RIAT is undoubtedly a huge military air show. In this dazzling event, the military and civilians display their excellent flying performances. 

Every year, they have cool `themes” that make things even more exciting, giving us a bunch of different planes and performances. From the amazing Red Arrows to rare international displays, there is a lot more for you to enjoy these spectacles. 

Basically, RIAT is a big air show, where the UK’s awesome aviation history, present, and future performs. This annual event takes place every year for a whole week and it attracts millions of visitors from all around the globe.

Miramar Air Show – San Diego

The Miramar Air Show in San Diego is considered one of the biggest jaw-dropping military flying shows! This show is like the superstar of air shows due to its awesome aircrafts leaving you amazed by doing incredible stunts. It’s not just any show; it’s a big celebration of aviation right in sunny San Diego. 

The roar of the engines beautifies the sky with their high-flying tricks. In this amazing event, you feel the mesmerising stunts of the jets and feel yourself a part of that scene. So, if you’re an aviation enthusiast you definitely enjoy these thrilling flying performances.

France – Paris Air Show

The city of love becomes the city of aviation spectacle during the Paris Air Show, held at Le Bourget Airport. While not exclusively a military air show, the Paris Air Show features some of the most advanced military aircraft in the world. 

This show exhibits outstanding aviation technology through fancy jets. Therefore, the Paris Air Show is considered a hotspot for companies which want to buy these fancy jets. Moreover, the daring military jets present unique stunts that amaze the audience. 

Paris is the perfect place for these Air Shows because it’s like a central hub for aviation worldwide. That’s why you’ll see all the big-shot military groups and their awesome flying machines there!

Singapore – Singapore Airshow

The next one is the Singapore Airshow. It seems a big deal in Asia. It’s famous for the latest aviation technology as well as due to the coolest flying performance in the sky. This event is not just for showing off; it’s a place where both regular and military planes get to shine. 

The Republic of Singapore Air Force shows off its skills right alongside other cool air forces from around the world, making the airshow in this lively city-state really awesome and full of different things to see!

Russia – MAKS Air Show

Now, let’s talk about the MAKS Air Show in Russia. This super heroic show proves that the Russia has innovative aviation technology. It’s famous for its amazing airplane stunts and shows the latest Russian military high tech planes. 

If you love planes from Sufor khoi, MiG, and other famous Russian brands, you’ve got to be there! They often bring out brand-new planes and cool tech in this amazing Air show. Due to these eye-catching spectacles  

MAKS is considered a really important event in the global air shows. If you are super excited to see the stunning performance of these planes, it can be your go-to choice.


Whether you are in any age group, you always love to watch the aeroplanes flying in the wide skies especially when the airplanes are of dozens in quantity. Their aerobatic style, daring stunts, smoke generating roaring engines, making rainbows with different colors, all are awesome spectacles. 

The military aircrafts also take part in these air shows not only to entertain the audience but also prove their daring performance. Moreover, these events remote the manufacturers outstanding aircrafts and invite the companies to buy from them. 

Here we discussed the best military air shows in the world. So, plan your next travel and enjoy these Air shows!

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