Blue World City General Block Phase 2 Location Guide

Blue World City

The Blue World City Society is an enormous, well-planned metropolis. It’s also conveniently close to the capital city of Islamabad. Chakri Road is the location. In addition, the land size exceeds five thousand acres. The structure is divided into ten distinct areas. In addition, the Society has many available plots for purchase. It also features residential and commercial land. That’s why in only 5 years it will surpass any other housing development in the Twin Cities.

Developers have finally unveiled the highly anticipated new building. Furthermore, General Block is built upon here. Most importantly, it’s the cheapest section of the Society. A type of land for sale is suggested.

The second phase of the General Block offers a promising financial prospect. It’s also for individuals who want to live opulently without breaking the bank. This makes them a lucrative investment opportunity.

Owners and Developers

The Blue Group of Companies and the Imperium Group of Companies are responsible for creating it. In addition, BGC is Pakistan’s preeminent property development company. Its project list exceeds a hundred items. In addition, IGC is a diverse business. Properties, schools, and hospitals are all areas of focus for the company.

The developers tend to deliver extremely large projects. And they’ve built some of Pakistan’s most recognizable landmarks, too. In addition, they hope to create a model housing society through this endeavor. That they may arrive at a shared understanding of the project’s goals. This has given them faith that it will be a smashing success. You can confidently put money into the initiative.

Blue World City Phase 2 General Block NOC Status

The NOC for General Block Phase 2 was given the green light by the RDA on December 20th, 2021. The NOC is a vital piece of paper that ensures a project can move forward. In addition, it guarantees that the Society satisfies all applicable norms. The RDA also gave its NOC following a careful examination of the project’s documentation.

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Blue World City NOC

For General Block Phase 2, the NOC’s approval represents a major step forward. Therefore, the block can be developed and plots sold to customers. By 2025, the entire block will have been built.

Location of Blue World City

The most interesting part is where in General Block Phase 2 it is. It’s also located on the development’s Northern Avenue. Close proximity to the main drag. And don’t worry, the comprehensive map is coming out soon. It runs in tandem with the nearby M2 Motorway. The Blue World City Interchange is currently under construction. That will undoubtedly simplify access.

Map of the Blue World City

The Big Picture

In the second stage of the General Block, buyers can choose from a wide variety of plots. In addition, its design features the same amenities as the other buildings. In other words, it will be a top-notch, luxurious building. There will also be residential and commercial land options.

In addition, the master of Blue World City’s General Block Phase 2 provides better quality of life.

Blue Word City’s Comprehensive Plan

Land for Houses

In addition, this is the place where investors can finally find their ideal purchase. Also, the land costs are reasonable. Furthermore, there are payment plans available. It meets or exceeds all international norms. As a result, it will aid purchasers in locating the best possible place to call home. The houses are in a nice neighborhood. Most significantly, it comes in a range of house-size options.

  • 5 & 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 & 2 Kanal

Property Zoned for Business Use

There is a lot of room for businesses to expand in this area. In addition, that will help bring up new prospects for financial investment. In addition, the top-notch components will facilitate the introduction of any sort of enterprise. It’s the key to making sure it works. Many customers have already cashed out their whole investment in the Society. The same opportunity is now available to new purchasers. The plots range in size from

Plan for Five Marla Payments

Buyers can also take advantage of the Blue World City General Block Phase 2 payment plan. In addition, we offer payment arrangements. The result is cheap plot pricing. Even so, purchasers will have complete use of all contemporary amenities. Nonetheless, at an unprecedented price. The specific plot prices are as follows:

Payment Schedule for Residential Lots

  • It costs Rs 1,490,000/- for a 5-marla residential site. The additional cost is a payment of Rs 149,000/-. In addition, the total cost over 40 payments is Rs 14,900/-. The final installment of 8 semiannual payments is Rs 93,125/-.
  • The asking price for this 8-acre site is Rs 1,915,000/-. Additionally, the initial payment is Rs 191,500/-. In addition, the total cost over 40 payments is Rs 19,150/-. The total cost of the last 8 semiannual payments is Rs 119,688/-.
  • A 10-acre residential site is available for Rs 2,290,000. In addition, you must pay Rs 229,000/- as a deposit. Add Rs 22,900/- for the 40 monthly payment. The total cost of the last 8 semiannual payments is Rs 143,125/-.
  • One acre of land can be purchased for Rs 4,290,000/-. The additional cost is Rs 429,000/- (about $5,100). Add further Rs 42,900/- for the 40 monthly payments. There were eight semiannual payments totaling Rs 268,125/-.
  • A 2-Kanal residential land is available for Rs 8,300,000/-. In addition, you must pay Rs 830,000/- as a deposit. Add further Rs 83,000/- for the 40 monthly payments. The total cost after 8 semi-annual payments is Rs 518,750.
  • Five-Marla Commercial Plot for Rs 9,050,000 (on a payment plan). In addition, a Rs 900,000/- deposit is required. Add Rs 90,000/- for the 40 monthly payments. The total amount of the final 8 semi-annual payments is Rs 562,500.

Condition of Progress

The second phase of the BWC general block is moving forward smoothly. Infrastructure development is nearing completion as well. Work has also begun on the streets. In addition, all necessary infrastructure for providing utilities is already in place.

The villas and plots are now under construction. Eventually, it will be complete. This makes the area around Islamabad an excellent choice for a new home.

Reasons to Invest in the Second General Block of Blue World City

Investors in the Society were aware of its potential, so they bought in. It’s a good time for buyers because they can increase their initial investment. This modern building largely shares characteristics with the older ones. Also, it’s cheap. As a result, more shoppers will have access to this choice. Some further justifications.

Phase 2 is in an ideal strategic location. In addition, important roads are convenient to get to. It is also conveniently located along the CPEC trade corridor. That’s why it’s a good choice for your investing portfolio.

1. Possibility of Growth

There’s a lot of room for expansion in this new era. Furthermore, it is the work of well-known builders. Buyers who invest at this period might thereby take part in the company’s formative years.

2. In-House Conveniences

Living in General Block Phase 2 will be convenient and luxurious. Because it has progressed further than the. Furthermore, it will improve the quality of life.

Superior Features

1. Good Returns on Investments

Phase 2 investments may produce desirable results. As time goes on and more work is done, demand will rise. Furthermore, real estate prices will rise in the long run. Buyers can expect a good return on investment.

2. Potential for Future Expansion

Rapid urbanization and economic growth are occurring in and around Islamabad. This expansion is good news for the region. Because of this, it is currently an excellent investment opportunity. Rawalpindi Ring Road and Blue World junction are both under construction as well. It will cause price increases. As a result, the overall worth of the project will increase.


The newest building in Blue World City is the General Block. Buyers will enjoy the highest quality of life conceivable. That’s comparable to the international stage. Many building lots are also available.

Because of that, they will be able to maintain a sustainable lifestyle. Benefits are extensive. Now, there’s a great deal of room for expansion. Thus, it will be the largest investment in the vicinity.

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