Dumpor-The Anonymous Instagram Viewer


Have you ever wondered if you can view Instagram stories without letting the person know? Nowadays, we all want to stalk someone at one point in our lives, but the fear of being caught is a hassle. So don’t worry as we have something great to ease this problem.

Wondering what’s this? In this article, we will learn about the well-known Instagram viewer dumpor is your ultimate buddy where users can watch Public Instagram accounts anonymously. However, you may be restricted from using dumpor as this Instagram viewer cannot access public accounts. Now let’s see how one can use this app without any hassle.

What is Dumpor?

Dumpor is a free online tool where users can easily track Instagram accounts privately. You will love this app if you don’t want to use Instagram and still want to get updated with the latest trends. This works on both Android and ios free of cost.

If you are too lazy to open your Instagram and still want to see the latest trends and others’ profiles anonymously, this tool will work great for you. Dumpor is not limited to scrolling only; you can even analyze the overall activity of your Instagram account, which includes monitoring views, likes, and profile analytics.

Dumpor is not just an Instagram viewer; you can use it as a marketing tool to compete with others. If you follow an influencer, dumpor will help you analyze their marketing strategy.

This allows people to have a deeper understanding of what competitors are up to. You can utilize dumpor to scale your social media account without much hassle.

What are the features of dumpor for users?

Dumpor is the ultimate Instagram viewer, which has many features. If you are new to the forum, these fantastic features will blow your mind, so let’s see in detail what attracts users more toward dumpor.

1. User-Friendly Interface

We all love those apps that allow user-friendly interfaces and are easy to navigate. Dumpor is popular due to its convenient interface. You can access any user’s account just by typing their name, and you are ready to see stories, photos, videos, and other account analytics without much effort.

2. Use without the account

If you don’t have an Instagram account and still want to survey the social app, the dumpor will help you do the job quickly. Yes, if you wish to check on your boyfriend anonymously

You can visit his profile to update yourself about the current trends.

3. Downloading feature

People who are thinking dumpor is only for anonymous stalking, then we have a surprise for you as this app allows users to download images, videos, and Instagram stories for free.

4. Analytics

If you are starting a new business and thinking about your competitor, don’t worry dumpor will allow you to track the performance of our competitors. This will enable new social media opportunities, and you can take your social media business to new heights by monitoring your competitors. Dumpor works great with hashtags, as you can search specific posts based on hashtags, so it is a great feature for folks.


We hope now you are aware of using the website known as Dumpor; however, we have also mentioned some other alternatives in our blog, such as Picuki, which you can use if dumpor is not working in your region. These Instagram viewers have lots of potential if a person understands the right way to utilize the app.

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