Hot Tissue Paper Trends for Custom Gift and Subscription Boxes in 2023

Hot Tissue Paper Trends for Custom Gift and Subscription Boxes in 2023

As the art of gift-giving and subscription box experiences evolves, so does the role of tissue paper in elevating the presentation. In 2024, custom-printed tissue paper will be a functional element and a key player in creating a memorable unboxing experience. This year, let’s unwrap the hottest tissue paper trends, reshaping the wrapping world, particularly for custom gift and subscription boxes.

Personalized Elegance: Custom-Printed Branding

Brands recognize the power of personalization, and custom-printed tissue paper is at the forefront of this trend.

Logos, brand colors, and even personalized messages are adorning tissue paper to create a cohesive and branded unboxing experience. The goal is to protect the contents and immerse the recipient in the brand’s story from opening the box.

Seamless Brand Extensions: Matching Box and Tissue Designs

For a truly immersive experience, brands extend their custom designs from the box to the tissue paper. Matching patterns, colors, and themes create a seamless visual journey for the recipient. This trend ensures that every layer of the unboxing process continues the brand’s identity, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

Thematic Harmony: Seasonal and Occasion-Specific Designs

Incorporating thematic designs on tissue paper is gaining traction, especially for custom gift boxes. Whether it’s festive holiday patterns, romantic motifs for special occasions, or minimalist designs for everyday elegance, tissue paper is becoming a canvas to set the mood and enhance the thematic coherence of the gift or subscription box.

Subtle Texture, Big Impact: Embossed and Custom Textures

Adding tactile elements to custom-printed tissue paper will make waves in 2023. Embossed patterns, custom textures, and even subtle imprints provide a tactile experience beyond visual appeal. The touch of the tissue paper becomes an integral part of the unboxing ritual, adding a layer of sophistication to the overall presentation.

Eco-Conscious Impressions: Recycled and Sustainable Messaging

With sustainability in focus, custom-printed tissue paper is reflecting eco-conscious messaging. Brands use recycled materials and incorporate sustainability-themed designs to convey their environmental commitment. This aligns with consumer values and enhances the perceived value of the entire unboxing experience.

Interactive Unboxing: Puzzle and Reveal Designs

Creating an element of surprise and interaction, tissue paper with puzzle and reveal designs is gaining popularity. Brands incorporate hidden messages or elements shown as the recipient unfolds the tissue paper. It adds an element of playfulness to the unboxing process, making it more engaging and memorable.

Inclusive Design: Custom Tissue for Special Editions

Custom tissue paper becomes a canvas for exclusive designs for subscription boxes with special editions or limited releases. Influencer collaborations, anniversary editions, or seasonal releases can feature unique tissue paper designs that commemorate the special nature of the contents, creating a sense of exclusivity for subscribers.


In 2023, custom-printed tissue paper will be an accessory and a strategic component of the brand experience.

From personalized branding to thematic designs and eco-conscious messaging, tissue paper trends are about making the unboxing process a sales-generating, memorable, and immersive journey.

As businesses continue to innovate in packaging, they expect custom tissue paper to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of gift and subscription box experiences. Each sheet becomes a canvas, and each unboxing becomes a work of art—contact print professionals to get your own branded tissue today.

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