How do you become an online tutor in Australia?

How do you become an online tutor in Australia

Do you pride yourself on having the patience to deal with kids effectively? Then, being a tutor can be your calling. There is a massive demand for tutors in Australia, especially online tutors. Their job is to provide the students with academic support outside of the school environment or classroom. They impart knowledge to students in the comfortable settings of their homes. Online tutors offer interactive learning through video calls to students seeking assistance or extra support.

If you wish to be an online tutor, know it is a highly demanding but lucrative career option in Australia. If you love teaching and interacting with kids, online tutoring in Australia is a lucrative career option. This short guide will help you start your career in this field.

What is an online tutor, and what are their roles?

Online tutors for 2nd grade or others provide additional assistance to students for their academic growth. The tutors meet the students either one-on-one or in small groups online and mentor them. Tutors help students understand the subject better, improve their grades, pass specific exams, or, in the case of 2nd graders, become comfortable with the concept of learning. Online tutors come from various backgrounds, like professors, teachers, or individuals with practical proficiency and knowledge in the subjects they want to teach, like math, the arts, science, English, and more.

They might also have other duties, like:

  • Preparing a learning schedule to help the student achieve their academic goals.
  • Offering feedback on their work to the student and the parents to ensure they meet their goals or what else needs to be done.

What qualifications and skills are needed to be an online tutor? 

You must have the skills and qualifications below to work as an online tutor.


Having an educational degree while looking for an online tutoring job is always beneficial. Even university students tutor younger kids as a side hustle. But if you want good pay and want to work with esteemed tutoring agencies, having a degree is super helpful.


If you wish to tutor privately, you might not need extra training as your expertise is enough. However, having prior experience as a teacher or having certifications is helpful for people looking to work with tutoring agencies or firms.


Having certifications is not mandatory, but it does highlight your work. Also, it improves your chances of securing a better and higher-paying job. With tutoring gigs becoming more competitive, having certifications can help.

Skills a tutor should have include:

Communication skills

Online tutors should develop excellent communication skills to communicate with the students and make the lessons interactive.

Rapport-building skills

Tutors also need to have the skills to build rapport with students. They may have to get innovative with this, as being present in a different room and building a rapport is difficult.

Computer proficiency

Teachers and tutors alike need to use computers to create lesson plans, and since an online tutor will be teaching on video calls, knowing how to use a computer is necessary.

Ability to engage students

Online tutoring is challenging, as you must find ways to keep the students engaged when you are in a different room. It becomes problematic when your students are young, like in second or first grade. Thus, refining your skills to be better at engaging students is necessary.

How do I become an online tutor?

Earn a degree.

For online tutoring, the first step is to earn a degree, depending on the region and company you want to work with. A degree or certification in your chosen subject is always good to ensure you educate the students using the latest trends and technologies.

Choose a niche.

It would help if you chose a niche. Most tutors will specialize in subjects they are confident about or like teaching. They can also get certification courses in them. Also, you can start a teaching course if you are fluent in a language.

Find a company to work with.

If you want to work with a tutoring agency, find and research the best ones in your industry. Send a resume that is specific to the job you are applying for.

Set rates

If you want to tutor independently, you must set your rate and market your business to get people to hire you as a tutor. Find out the competitive rates in the region where you are trying to establish yourself as a tutor. Then, advertise using social media, flyers, or even a website.


If you have the passion for teaching and the patience to handle kids of all ages, tutoring can be a great career option. Australia is the prime location for being a tutor, and this guide will help you start your tutoring career here.

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