How to Reference Your Health and Social Care Assignment?

You want to avoid your assignment being plagiarised in your academic career. In that case, students always add references and in-text citations for their work’s reliability and validity.

Especially in the case of health and social care assignment writing, all the information, even a single line, should come from an authentic source. This field of medical science is related to human health. It deals with making policies on health and social care matters for developing health care and meeting a patient’s expectations.

For example, The Social Care Institute for Excellence provides prevention in social care as shown below:

Social Care Institute for Excellence provides prevention in social care

Writing health and social care assignments requires more clarification and authentication from renowned scholarly sources. Nowadays, there is a wide range of resources and health and social care sector websites to extract data related to your Health and Social Care Assignment.

Department of Health & Social Care

  • National Health Institute 
  • Pew Research Centre
  • Social Care Institute for Excellence

You can get real-time health and social care information from the above platform. Also, you can collect secondary data from other resources, including:

  • Google Scholars
  • Google Books
  • Journals
  • Web-based Articles

You can easily collect information using the above resources and platforms to support your claim and thesis statement on any contemporary Issues in health and social care assignment. But it would help if you referenced the sources from where you got the information and used it in your project.

Why referencing in the Health & Social Care assignment is essential?

Health and social care assignment is about composing authentic and valid information by adding scholarly references because the academic publications are written and edited by experts and subject-related specialists.

When you pick an idea, line, quote, or concept, credit the original author and hyperlink the source for more authentication. It is the best way to show your readers that your research and references support your argument. Furthermore, adding referencing is an academic requirement for the main reasons:

  • Avoid severe accusations of plagiarism and copyright.
  • Allow your reader to see and check the source of information.
  • Staying away from outdated books, inaccurate articles, and websites.

Usually, students need to be made aware of the different reference styles. Most students must learn to cite in a rush while completing their health and social care assignments. Doing so will negatively impact your work, and you will lose your best grades. You can get help from reliable assignment writing services such as The Academic Papers UK to earn high rates in that scenario.

How to Add References to Your Health and Social Care Assignment?

There are different reference styles and in-text citations that you can use to cite your references in your health and social care assignment. Every referencing style has its own set of instructions and rules.

Here, we will tell you about the most commonly used citing styles with brief instructions that you can follow while incorporating citation references. This detailed guide will help add contacts manually and using the software.

Incorporate References Manually

1. APA Referencing Style

APA stands for the American Psychological Association style, considered the most common referencing style followed by most universities. This style contains the following aspects that you need to consider while adding references:

  • References are to be included with the author’s last name and year of publication.
  • The page number is essential for adding direct quotations.
  • The structure of the APA style follows:
  • Author’s name
  • Publication date
  • Title of the article
  • URL of that article.

If sources do not have any data or information, you can add n.d ( No date) instead of the year.

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2. MLA Style

MLA stands for Modern Language Association, a typical style of crediting sources to make your assignment more authentic. This refereeing style is usually used for commutation classes like English composition.

Students in the academic discipline of language, humanities, and literature-related subjects follow this citation style. You can add MLA style referencing by writing:

  • Author name
  • Title of container
  • Title of sources
  • Name of publisher
  • Publication date
  • Source location
  • Version number

Many websites are authentic and are government general publications containing valid information about your subject matter. However, there needs to be proper information about the author’s name. In that case, you can site that website in the following way.

  • Write your title in the first of the entry.
  • To highlight the title, use double quotation marks around the title.
  • You should add the first few words in the reference entry for in-text citations.

3. Chicago Style

If your instructor’s health and social care assignment instructs you to add references using a Chicago reference style. Follow the below feature while adding referencing Chicago Style citations better for listing and presentation:

  • Name of author
  • Topic title
  • Sponsor of belonging site
  • Publication date
  • Revision data
  • URL of that site

You should add the access date if there is no information regarding the publication date, editing, or revision. You can add your references list at the bottom of your assignment in the Chicago referencing style.

4. Harvard Style Referencing

While adding references according to Harvard style, you need to follow the below-mentioned procedure guidelines and essential components to add to your connection.

  • Enlist all the references at the bottom of your assignment.
  • You must add the author’s name, year of publication, publication location, page number, and publisher.
  • Make a list of all the sources in alphabetical order.

In Harvard-style referencing, you can directly quote your in-text citation and paraphrase that information in your wording. These sources are mentioned in the text and as a list of citations at the end of the article.

Incorporate References Through Tools

Adding manual citations and references to your content is a hectic, terrible, and time-consuming task. Therefore, students should be bright and work well using technology as reference managing software.

EndNote is one of the best reference managers that you can use for adding referencing into Word files automatically with just a few clicks. For this purpose:

  • You have to download the reference from Google Scholar.
  • Open this download reference file in the Endnote library.
  • After that, go to your Word file and find a place where you want to add references.
  • Put your cursor at the end of the sentence and find your references from the EndNote library where you already added.
  • Choose your reference style (APA, MLA, Chicago, Vancouver)
  • Select the reference, automatically adding it at the end of the sentence you want to cite.


Referencing is crucial in health and social care assignment writing to make your information valid, trustworthy, and authentic. Students get stuck here and need help managing their references effectively. Most of the students need to learn how to reference according to different referencing styles, which results in a negative impact on the overall assignment.

Students need a quick guide on citing sources while working on their health and social care assignment. If you are one of those who want to learn, follow all the above directions to get better reference listing and representation.

But you need more time to learn and follow the instructions. In that case, you can avail of assignment writing services from The Academic Papers UK for high-quality papers with proper references and enjoy good grades in your assessment.

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