Is now a good time to apply for government funding for heat pumps?

Is now a good time to apply for government funding for heat pumps

The clue to how air source heat pumps work is in the name; they use the air as a natural source! So what if the air is cold? How is the outside air supposed to make the inside of our homes warm and cozy, even during the dark months? Even some of the coldest countries in the world, such as Norway, are embracing these low-carbon heating systems as a cleaner, more affordable, and more efficient way to stay warm. 

Can an air source heat pump work below freezing?

Research by the Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP) shows cold-climate heat pumps can be twice as efficient as electric heating in outdoor temperatures of -30°C. This is why we need to rethink heat pumps in the UK, especially now that it is easier to check your eligibility for government funding for air source heat pump grants and various government grants for energy-efficient home improvements.

As the cold weather draws in, Residential Energy Services are talking to fuel-poor households across Staffordshire, Shropshire, and beyond to help residents understand the benefits of efficient heating, such as air source heat pumps, which are ideal for several reasons:

  • Result in a permanent reduction in heating bills
  • More efficient than natural gas boilers, requiring little to no maintenance
  • Renewable heating systems using efficient heating methods to reduce carbon emissions
  • Provide total control over how much energy comes into your home and when

We’re often challenged by the idea that air-source heat pumps do work in winter; here are some of the questions we’ve recently been asked and why, even now, it is a great time to apply for air-source heat pump grant funding with us.

Does the air source heat pump work in cold weather?

It’s a common misconception that air source heat pump struggle to extract heat from cold air, making them less reliable during winter. Modern systems are engineered to work effectively all year round in a wide range. Efficient heating isn’t even prevented by freezing conditions, making them a sensible option for colder climates.

Aren’t air-source heat pumps more expensive than gas boilers?

It’s widely considered that air-source heat pumps can be inefficient from a cost perspective. In truth, air source heat pumps’ inherent energy efficiency is the key to long-term cost savings. By running on electricity, they automatically reduce your reliance on non-renewable energy, reducing your carbon footprint and long-term running costs. By running your air source heat pump over your traditional gas boiler, you’re very quickly earning your investment back in the savings you make.

How much maintenance does the air source heat pump need?

Today’s air-source heat pumps require far less maintenance than older ones, particularly compared to traditional heating systems. Generally, general cleaning and regular filter replacement to keep airflow healthy are enough to keep the system running optimally for years. These days, modern heating technology can provide real-time alerts whenever potential issues arise, enabling you to combat the problem as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Do air source heat pumps provide enough heat in the winter?

The most common misconception is that air pumps produce less heat if there is less outside to draw upon; this differs from how air source heat pumps work. As long as your air source heat pump is installed appropriately for the size and type of your home, it will deliver consistent results throughout the year, maintaining comfort and warmth precisely as you need it.

Air and ground source heat pump installation is happening near you.

The technological advancements of air source heat pumps, mainly through the increased adoption of this low-carbon heating system in colder countries, have enabled UK residents to take advantage of this advancement and switch to cleaner, more innovative ways of living. This method of heating technology has never been more affordable. Air source heat pump funding is available through the ECO4 free boiler grant scheme and other government-driven energy-saving measures.


Government-funded heat pumps encourage households to switch to more eco-friendly and energy-efficient heating alternatives. These pumps will be available in April 2022 and run until April 2025. Grants can upgrade your home to a modern heating system based on air source technology. UK homeowners can access this grant aid and apply for a free to-pay for energy efficiency improvements, such as installing an air-source heat pump.

Air source heat pump grants are available to anyone claiming benefits who lives in the UK. The government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme offers these grants to help improve homes’ energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Let us help you secure an air source heat pump grant for your home so you can live more comfortably and cleanly, even when it’s cold outside.

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