Kelly McGinnis: What Will Happen to Kelly McGillis Today in 2023?

Kelly Mcginnis Today

Kelly Ann McGillis, the talented American actress, has graced both the stage and television screens with her presence, leaving an indelible mark in the world of entertainment. 

Born on July 9th, 1957, in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, Kelly made her debut in 1983 and quickly gained recognition. In 1986, Kelly Ann McGillis had her breakthrough moment in the iconic Tom Cruise movie, “Top Gun.” 

Who is Kelly Mcginnis (Kelly McGillis)?

Kelly McGinnis holds the esteemed position of Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer at Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&Co.). In this pivotal role, she steers the company’s corporate affairs strategy and handles vital stakeholder relations.

Furthermore, Kelly is a vital member of the company’s global leadership team, playing a key role in shaping the overarching direction for LS&Co. worldwide.

Kelly Mcginnis Actress Wiki

Name Kelly Mcginnis
Date of Birth July 9, 1957
Place of Birth Newport Beach, California
Age (as of 2023) 66 years
School Newport Harbor High School.
Education Graduate in Acting
Profession Actress
Nationality American
Popular for Her movie “Top Gun”
Net worth $9 million USD

Early Life

Kelly McGinnis is a fascinating individual with a rich heritage with a diverse ethnic background. She was born on July 9, 1957, in Newport Beach, California, and has enjoyed 65 years of life to the fullest.

In her early years, she lived in Newport Beach before moving to Los Angeles. During her education, she attended Newport Harbor High School, a prestigious school in the area.


Kelly McGinnis marked her debut in the world of cinema in 1983 with her role in the movie “Reuben, Reuben.” Her acting prowess truly caught the attention of American audiences in 1985 when she appeared in the film “Witness.” 

Her remarkable performance in this movie earned her well-deserved nominations for both Golden Globe Awards and BAFTA Awards. She recently made headlines by candidly sharing the reason behind her absence from the 1986 movie sequel, “Top Gun: Maverick.”

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A daughter of Virginia Joan and Donald McGillis, she is the eldest child. Her mother was a stay-at-home mom, while her father was a licensed doctor.


In 1979, Kelly McGillis took her first steps down the aisle, marrying Boyd Black. After a short-lived union, they split up by 1981.

In 1989, a flourishing Kelly found love again, this time with Fred Tillman. Together, they welcomed two beautiful daughters into the world, Sonora and Kelsey.

Net Worth

As of now, Kelly McGillis boasts an impressive net worth approaching $9 million.

Where Is Kelly McGillis Today in 2023?

At 64 years old, she has essentially stepped away from acting. Her primary focus now revolves around her family, especially her two cherished daughters. She expresses contentment in taking a back seat.

According to her, the decision to distance herself from Hollywood wasn’t fueled by any specific motive. Instead, it was a result of a personal transformation. After attaining sobriety, she recognized a shift in her priorities. Her newfound emphasis lies in nurturing her family and creating a thriving home life.

Final Words

Her performance left a lasting impression on viewers and firmly established her as a prominent actress in the industry. In recent years, Kelly has chosen to focus on her personal life, stepping away from the movie scene. 

As a result, fans haven’t had the opportunity to see her on the big screen for quite some time. Her contributions to the world of cinema and her enduring legacy continue to shine brightly. Her career has seen her contribute significantly to major global corporations, effectively leveraging her well-honed skills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Kelly McGinnis alive?

Yes, she still lives, and she is now sixty-six years old.

How old is Kelly McGinnis?

Her birthday is July 9, 1957, and she is 66 in 2023.

Where is Kelly McGinnis today?

At the moment, she lives in Hendersonville, North Carolina.

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