Neha Unnikrishnan-An example of unconditional love and bravery

Neha Unnikrishnan

A karela native, Neha Unnikrishnan is primarily known for having been the late Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s wife. They were friends from school. At the Frank Anthony Public School, they first ran into each other when they were both 14 years old. As they studied together, they made pals at school. Afterwards, the couple wed in 2008. They were incredibly in love with one another, but instead of a happy ending, their story ended tragically, shattering every hope they had shared. They were unable to even last a year together after getting married when Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan was killed in combat with terrorists in 2008. Sandeep’s death devastated Neha, but she was also relieved because he had prevented many deaths during the attack.

Early events of Neha Unnikrishnan life?

Neha grew up in Bangalore after being born in Kerala. Born in Kerala. Hinduism is the background of Neha Unnikrishnan and her family. In addition, She had her early schooling at a nearby school where she met late major sandeep. Following that, she enrolled in college and earned a degree.

How Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan died?

On November 26, 2008, ten terrorists from Lashkar-e-Taiba burst into multiple buildings in Mumbai. The Indian Army assigned Sandeep the position of “team commander” for the 51 SAG. He has to release the people detained as hostages at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Sandeep and his ten commandos rescued the hostages on the fifth and sixth floors. He saw that there were terrorists on the fourth floor. After Unnikrishnan and his group broke into the room with a grenade inside, the terrorists were able to escape. That day, he was successful in setting free fourteen captives. He was shot in his right arm. Throughout the entire ordeal. He battled the psychological oppressors till his last breath, despite being hurt.

Before her husband death Neha Unnikrishnan was famous for?

Neha gained a significant fan base due to her exquisite renditions of well-known songs and her own original creations. Neha’s love of pop and soul music together with her Indian heritage, have shaped her musical taste. Since beginning her Bharatanatyam training at the age of six, she has received numerous honours and recognitions for her dance performances and became a rising celebrity in the Indian entertainment business by her skills and perseverance.

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How Husband Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan death affected her social life?

Neha Unnikrishnan no longer make use of social platforms and maintains a quiet profile since the passing of her husband. Web information is hard to get by. She won’t even give her whereabouts, and no information about her lifestyle can be found. She now makes an effort to live her life privately because the death of her husband had a profound impact on her. Nobody knows where she is or what she does for a living because she is keeping everything to herself. Due to the fact that she has chosen to move on from the past and start over. Since Sandeep’s death, she has been living with his family.

Instagram account of Neha Unnikrishnan

You might be surprised to know that someone who was formerly well-known in the entertainment industry and whose singing is still included in numerous YouTube videos has zero Instagram followers and an entirely private account.


Neha Unnikrishnan was the wife of courageous Indian soldier Major Sandeep’s. Who died in the 26/11 terror assaults in Mumbai, battling off a squad of terrorists. Neha and sandeep had a love marriage, after 14 years of dating they tied a knot which turned into a tragic end at the first year of marriage but with her strong and brave personality Neha decided to move on and she decided to live a happy and proud life with the memories of her love.

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