Notti Osama’s death-The Tragic Incident with a Rapper

Notti Osama Death

According to a recent report, notti Osama, a 14-year-old rapper, died last year. His death was not tragic but a murder as he was a young rapper who used to do drill rapping. This kind of rapping involves abusing and taunting enemies, which is considered very dangerous if you have already made rivals in the process of rapping.

According to a recent source, this could be why Osama died. In this article, we will reveal who killed him and the incident of his death. Read our guide to learn more about a young 14-year-old rapper.

Introduction of Notti Osama

The real name of Notti Osama is Ethan Reyes, and he was the youngest among all siblings. The youngster got into the field of rapping out of his passion. However, life was not fair to Osama, and he died very young in a heated fight. The youngster got great career support from his brother DD Osama. Everything was caught on camera when he died at the subway station.

He used to write rap songs from his life experiences, and that inspiration reflects in his words full of aggression. He used to post several music videos on social media to gain popularity. After Notti’s death, his fans were in deep grief, and all his accounts were flooded with many condolences.

How did Notti Osama die?

The diminutive rapper died very horribly near the subway station. Everything was caught on camera and went viral on social media. Notti Osama’s death became controversial and left everyone curious about the murderer.

On 9 July 2022, near the subway station, the rival, who was just 15 years murdered in a very brutual way. When both were fighting, the person stabbed his chest with a knife and hit him with a broomstick. One person at the crime scene recorded and posted that video on Twitter.

The accused was charged with 2nd-degree murder and criminal obsession. However, Ethan was taken to the hospital after this incident, but unfortunately, he lost his life at Mount Sinai St. Lake Hospital due to several injuries. According to our, the reason for fatal fights was his rap song which led him to death.

What lesson can we learn from Notti Osama’s Death?

The youngster’s death has exposed the harsh realities of drill rapping, and we should take some serious notes from his death. Abusing people and violating others personalities could lead to severe punishment, such as death. Protecting your child from such acts, which could harm them in the future, is necessary.

You can pursue many things as a passion, but allowing your kids to do drill rapping is risking their lives. This kind of act often attract young rappers towards evil deeds such as money conflicts, drugs, etc.

The video posted by a person on Twitter of Ethan’s death also revealed no support for young rappers in Nyc, and their lives are at risk every time.


After Notti Osama’s Death, his fans were in deep shock and sent condolences to his brother. His brother DD Osama told the source that he wished he had been there at the moment to save his brother from the crime scene. The rappers of Nyc are still not getting enough support and facing violence, discrimination, and poverty.

The youngster’s death was a great shock for his family, and tons of comments on his profile now prove his popularity. Ethan is now a memory and will be remembered forever. If you want more such news and biographies, follow our blog.

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