Panneaux Muraux Acoustiques: Elevating Environments through Sonic Elegance


In a world where the cadence of noise often dominates, the significance of creating spaces that resonate with tranquility cannot be overstated. This article delves into the realm of Panneaux muraux acoustiques—a refined solution offered by These acoustic wall panels are not just functional but also artistic, seamlessly blending sound control with interior design.

Unveiling the Symphony of Acoustic Wall Panels proudly presents a diverse range of high-quality acoustic wall panels, each designed to serve a dual purpose—enhancing speech and audio intelligibility while adding aesthetic appeal. Let’s explore some of the standout offerings:

Alpha Panel

  • Material: Polyester sheet from recycled bottles
  • Thickness: 12 and 24mm
  • Versatility: Ultra-versatile material for a wide range of acoustic solutions
  • Sustainability: Made from 65% post-consumer recycled fiber, 100% recyclable
  • Color Options: 20 different colors available

Echo Dome

  • Material: Melamine foam covered with fabric
  • Thickness: 80mm
  • Design: Acoustic dome providing both functionality and visual appeal

Ambiance Square, Circle, Hexagon, and Rectangle

  • Material: Glass wool ringed and covered with fabric
  • Thickness: 40mm
  • Variety: Available in square, circle, hexagon, and rectangle shapes
  • Design Options: Versatile design options to cater to different aesthetic preferences

Main Advantages of Acoustic Wall Panels

Achieving perfect sound absorption with a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 1.0 is an ideal scenario. While perfection is not always required, these panels offer substantial benefits:

Sound Control Recommendations:

  • Percentage Coverage: Covering 15-20% of a room’s wall space is recommended for effective sound control in normal indoor environments.
  • Problematic Areas: In more challenging areas, such as those with glass walls or large numbers of windows and doors, incorporating acoustic ceiling devices may be necessary.

Acoustic Wall Panels Features:

  • Noise Reduction: Echo, Alpha, and Absorb panels reduce unwanted noise by minimizing echo and reverberation.
  • Design Options: Available in various shapes, sizes, and over 130 different fabric options, ensuring a perfect interior design solution.
  • DIY Installation: Easy installation with online and telephone support if needed.
  • Sustainability: Many panels are made from recycled materials, contributing to environmental consciousness.

Crafting Sonic Environments with Alpha Panels

Sustainability at Its Core:

The Alpha panels from stand out not just for their acoustic performance but also for their sustainability. Crafted from 65% post-consumer recycled fiber, these panels are 100% recyclable.

Design Freedom:

The Alpha Panel’s polyester sheet, available in 20 colors and 12/24mm thickness, provides design freedom. Whether you choose from the existing options or opt for a custom design, these panels offer versatility.

Reverberation Reduction:

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Alpha Panels excel as sound absorbers, effectively reducing reverberation. This makes them a practical choice for spaces where maintaining speech intelligibility is crucial.

Benefits of Panneaux Muraux Acoustiques

Enhanced Speech Intelligibility:

The primary purpose of these panels is to enhance speech and audio intelligibility. By controlling unwanted reverberation and echo through absorption, they create environments where communication is clear and distinct.

Aesthetic Integration:

The versatility in design and material options allows for seamless integration of these panels into various spaces. From offices to classrooms, home theaters to community centers, they become an aesthetic and functional addition.

Sustainability and Recyclability:

The commitment to sustainability is evident in the use of recycled materials in the manufacturing process. The Alpha Panels, in particular, showcase a dedication to environmental responsibility.


In conclusion, the journey through the world of Panneaux muraux acoustiques is a crescendo of sonic sophistication. not only offers functional sound control solutions but also elevates interior design through thoughtful craftsmanship. From reducing unwanted noise to contributing to sustainability, these panels strike a harmonious balance. Let your spaces resonate with the elegance of acoustic wall panels, and embrace the symphony of tranquility crafted by

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