Top online video interviewing software

Top online video interviewing software

While the technology of video conferencing was already in the industry, its true potential was only realized after the COVID-19 outbreak. With everyone confined within the four walls due to the lockdown, video interview software has become increasingly important in helping employees, pupils, and business owners worldwide to continue operating their businesses.

What is a video interview?

Since video interviews are portable and time-efficient, they play a big role in hiring new employees. Thanks to it, anyone from anywhere in the world can host and participate in an interview.

It is a process of conducting or hosting a job interview by employers to hire candidates. The interview is conducted remotely using a device and video interview software, as opposed to in person. 

In this process, both the interviewer and the candidate attend an interview via a single interview software. However, face-to-face interaction may not be mandatory in some cases.

Types of video interview

There are two types of video interviews mainly conducted worldwide: Synchronous and Asynchronous

Two Two-way video interview

Two-way video interviews are another name for synchronous interviews. These interviews take place online, allowing the interviewer and interviewee to communicate in real time. This is the virtual version of an in-person interview.

One Way Video interview

Two-way video interviews are another name for synchronous interviews. These interviews take place online, allowing the interviewer and interviewee to communicate in real time.

The need for online video interview software Software like Zoom, hangouts and Skype are the most used video interview tools used by companies for remote hiring of new talents. However, each software comes with its unique features, which may not cater for the requirements of all organizations.


Ducknowl video interviewing is a widely used hiring platform which makes the hiring process faster and wiser. Even after spending a lot of time reviewing applicants for positions, HR departments and recruiters are unable to find the top applicants. Ducknowl is the answer to your screening issue. With the platform, you can evaluate applicants’ skills, evaluate their resumes, and screen their videos, all from a single dashboard. With built-in capabilities, including resume sorting, keyword matching, video screening, skill testing, proxy prevention, and results sharing, the platform digitizes the screening process and cuts screening time by 70–80%. Ducknowl offers a smooth user experience by integrating with your ATS or websites. Thanks to the technology, recruiters can use all candidate data kept on one platform to make data-driven recruiting decisions.

Features: Pre-hire assessments: Resume screening, Skill evaluations, Video interviews, Video Texting, Video Job Description 

Plan: Paid

Kira Talent

The Kira talent interview tool has the most features that are easy to use. With the partnership of more than 300 schools worldwide, Kira Talents has become an integral part of the candidate recruitment process.


  • An extensive library of interview questions
  • Support session recordings
  • Offers interview practice sessions
  • Hassle-free interview management
  • Pricing: Free and Premium

Plan: Paid


ScreeningHive provides interviewers with a variety of templates to let them craft unique questions based on job descriptions. By enabling you to develop text and video questions at the same time and utilize them later without having to start from zero, it streamlines the process.


  • A wide range of questions from the library
  • Create customized interviews
  • Share invitations to video interviews
  • Review answers and rate candidates

Plan: Free and premium


Jobma claims to be 70 percent faster than other software in this category. They offer you a round-the-clock support staff that can assist candidates via phone, email, and video chat. The most popular ATSs, CRMs, and apps for the recruiting industry are all integrated with it.


  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • Seamlessly integrate with hiring workflow
  • Design one-way and live interviews

Plan: Free and premium


HireVue boasts of a faster, unbiased, and scientific-backed recruitment program for hiring teams and candidates. You can integrate it with leading ATS and calendar systems to streamline tedious and time-consuming activities.


  • Coding assessments
  • Automated text updates
  • AI-driven assessments
  • Interview scheduling

Plan: Free and Premium


Employers can invite candidates through Seeknspeak by sending them a personalized link. The site gives you a detailed overview of applicants, including their school background, work history, and other details that allow you to bypass the resume evaluation procedure. Its intuitive UI can find suitable candidates for you just as per your requirements.


  • Support session recordings
  • Feature panel interviews
  • Interview practice sessions

Plan: Free and premium

Live video interviews

Live video interviews empower employers and recruiters to create a branded video interview platform within two clicks. Easy to set up and cheaper to afford, the AI-based tool reduces the hiring time by narrowing down the candidates according to your specific needs.


  • Intuitive algorithm to shortlist candidates
  • Support mobile device
  • Reduce chasing after uninterested candidates

Plan: Paid, Free

Final thought

Virtual interview software not only eliminates time and location barriers but also saves up to 80% on the total cost of hiring. This makes hiring people easier, more affordable, and more manageable. It makes setting up interviews simple, creating personalized questions and interview templates, and shortlisting the best applicants with the most insightful analysis possible. Put, it turns the hiring process into a smoothly operating system. 

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