Types of marketing needs and the role of mobile applications in meeting them

Types of marketing needs and the role of mobile applications in meeting them

Needs are psychological, physical, and emotional feelings of lack of something. They depend on age, gender, and situation. A milder degree of need is a desire; it can be abandoned, and satisfaction can be postponed to another time. The opposite concept is need. Specialists from the web application development agency talk about the types of needs and the capabilities of mobile applications to meet them.

Classification of needs

The task of product developers is to satisfy the needs of potential buyers. Authors of marketing books offer various classifications of consumer needs. Let’s look at the most popular of them, including the following:

1. Types of needs:

  • Physical (food, water, protection from adverse environmental factors, materials for production).
  • Intangible – the need for communication, education, and improvement of personal status. Mobile applications can also be classified as metaphysical needs;
  • Production – materials, equipment, and premises for creating goods, works, and services. From the manufacturer’s point of view, developing and using software for gadgets is part of production needs.
  • Personal (clothing, food, shoes, hygiene products).

2. Needs by a degree of importance for the consumer:

  • Minor ones – you can refuse them and do them at another time. An analog is a concept of «desire.» For example, buying a gold ring is a desire, not a need;
  • Medium importance – you can refuse, but it’s challenging to get by;
  • Paramount – it is impossible to refuse them. An analog is a concept of need. As a rule, food, water, and clothing are necessary to protect against environmental factors.

What is a mobile application – need or desire

A mobile application is an intangible asset developed and installed on modern gadgets. Allows the smartphone user to quickly obtain information about products and order products of certain brands.

A mobile application for a consumer is a desire, a secondary need. Its presence allows you to quickly receive the product, save time and money, and take advantage of the offers of the loyalty program. Installing it on your phone is an opportunity to satisfy your needs and desires and receive additional benefits.

If we apply Maslow’s pyramid, then such software belongs to the fourth and fifth stages – this is the desire to belong to a specific social group, self-realization.

When do you need a mobile application for a seller?

The cost of software development starts from $3,000. If you want one product to work on gadgets with any operating system, it will cost 10,000 USD. Add operating costs.

What should a mobile application customer consider:

  1. Type of product – unique, single, or widely used goods. No one will buy a car with a mobile application, but it will be installed on the phone to call a taxi or car sharing.
  2. Number of orders – if it exceeds more than 1000 pcs. Per month, most of it comes from a smartphone or tablet, then you can think about developing a mobile application.
  3. A well-known brand with an extensive range of products – for example, a well-known supermarket. The presence of the application will help organize delivery, track the status of stocks in real-time, and offer user discounts and loyalty programs.
  4. There are plans to scale the business, enter international markets, and generate significant sales volumes.
  5. The Internet is the only way for most consumers to get your product.

Before developing a mobile application, survey customers. Will they install and use separate software? Because to buy an inexpensive car from a well-known international brand, the client goes to a car dealership, and he can select spare parts for it in the application.

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