Why Men Will Never Understand Women and Heels

Why Men Will Never Understand Women and Heels

Heels aren’t for everyone, and some people, specifically males, are baffled as to why women wear them, especially given how much they grumble about them—something about heels appeals to women, a fascination that guys do not grasp.

They look good

Ladies adore heels because they complete an exquisite appearance. They are lovely and pleasing to the eye, offering girls extra push and confidence in themselves and their appearance. This is why a lady finds it difficult to say no to another pair of heels. Customers frequently find themselves checking out more pairs of heels for women online than they intended to buy, especially considering the enormous selection online retailers offer.


The female gender is not immune to the need to appear taller. Fortunately for them, there are many easier ways to appear much taller, including wearing heels. Heels are well-known for being the go-to shoes for making a woman appear taller. Unlike male high heels, they look more natural on women and do not raise their eyes.

The victory of walking in them

Not everyone is born with the ability to walk gracefully in high heels. Some women (and males) have been known to run or perform in high heels. Eventually, nailing it and learning to walk in those five-inch stilettos that only women understand is a unique satisfaction. Following this, students can demonstrate the confident strut that makes them feel like a beautiful tiger.

The pain is worth it (mostly)

The fact that heels are gorgeous, elegant, and beneficial for adding height is something that guys do not grasp. The more perplexing aspect is how frequently women whine about heels, even though they knew they would cause problems. A night out with a girl in heels can aggravate the male, who may not realize the extent of the pain or suffering that extended periods in heels entail.

The elastic limit

This is a concept from physics and physical sciences that is applicable here. Even if the discomfort is usually acceptable in terms of cost/benefit, there comes a moment when the ladies can’t take it any longer. There is no set cutoff point, and each woman is unique. But if you’ve ever had a significant other who would rather walk barefoot than continue walking in heels, you know there’s not much else you can do.

Wedge shoes

This is when wedge shoes come in handy. These are a tremendous blessing; most women will keep these on hand in high heels when they leave the house.

Men are said to never truly understand women, yet there is no harm in trying. Understanding why they are so obsessed with heels could be the first step.

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