6 Reasons Why Playing Games in Class Should Be Encouraged as A Form of Learning

Playing Games

Playing games may sound like a bad idea in the traditional days, but now people know the benefits it brings. It is quite natural that students enjoy learning through games much more than learning through books.

Nowadays, teachers and parents have also cooperated to support children’s dreams and push this idea more. Many schools and universities imply using games to teach concepts and make learning fun.

Here are some top tips on why using games in class benefits the teachers and students too:

1. Get student’s attention

Getting the student’s attention is one of the most difficult tasks for professors. When students are

Disinterested affects their learning and leaves them unbothered. One of the easiest ways

Increase their attention in class and change their learning attitude by playing games.

Asking questions, assigning fun activities, and playing games are some ways to keep students engaged. Why make learning boring when it can be turned into something fun?

Topics like GPA calculator, biology process, and logic classes can be easily taught through games. Professors who aim to keep the students attentive in class will always think of this as a good means.

2. Develop skills in them

If you think getting a good degree is all you need to succeed, we are here to disappoint you. It would help to have more than a paper to prove your skills and get a reliable job. Lack of

Essential skills are among the many reasons toppers fail to get good job opportunities.

When students are asked to apply games, they increase their skills in problem-solving, logical thinking, leadership, team building, discipline, and motivation. These are some of the essential skill sets that make one a good employee and citizen.

Some companies ask candidates to fill these areas if they have these skills. These skills may seem like not a big deal now, but when you grow up, they can give you a good raise.

3. Boost confidence

Having confidence is a very important life skill. Some students need to improve at learning but can be good at educational games. When teachers encourage using such methods in classes, it boosts students’students’ morale to showcase their skills.

Having a sense of pride in their knowledge and skills is crucial to developing a positive attitude, or one can get quite depressed.

Good game players are always more confident with their skills, so why not redirect this path towards learning and help students achieve the same attitude towards studies, too?

4. Innovative way of learning

The innovative forms of learning have also been getting much attention with changing times. Students do not just stick to books and notes anymore. They use audiobooks, practice sample papers, record lectures, online simplify calculators, and watch tutorials. Traditional believers may think this is against ethics, but we don’t.

There is no fault in experimenting with various learning techniques as long as you get good results. Using games as a strategy to learn is also an innovative way of learning, and studies show that students are more curious about learning in this way than the old norms.

And how children who learn through innovative ways may come up with more innovations in the future for the betterment of society.

5. Students are eager to learn

Students mainly dislike studying because it is boring for them to do so. But ask a student to play, and they will be eager and excited. One of the major reasons games are a positive sign when it comes to learning is because they excite the students.

If they are not eager to learn, they do not put much effort into it, which is a bad sign. Students always look forward to the game classes in school rather than actual learning classes. Hence, you can understand how playing games motivates them to learn. This is the first step to fruition in studying the future.

6. Increased memory

When we do something we love, it is very easy for us to remember the concepts. The same goes when we are studying through games. So many logic games and puzzles could be used to improve kids’ memory. You will see that older adults are guided to use games to keep their memory in shape, and the same goes for children.

Playing games is an exercise for the mind, which triggers it to memorize faster and increases retention. And since kids love playing games, the memory and practice pertain even longer if they continue using such games in adulthood.

Games like math problems, writing problems, and health and fitness games are some examples that can be done in class. Playing games is okay as long as the intention is good.

While this idea would have created great havoc in the past days, now, more people are open-minded towards it, and why not when it is helping students learn? Even though some educational instructions have taken up the measure, there is still a lot of progress to be expected.

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Our post will also be an eye-opener for parents and teachers on how to enhance education through the application of games.

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Josie Scott is a lecturer at the University of Vancouver. She is an MBA major and has taught students for over 6+ years. She is also a digital marketing enthusiast, advising many business people with their sales and marketing. Currently, she is working at MyAssignmenthelp.com to help students in need.

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