Top 3 Coaches in Dota 2

Top 3 Coaches in Dota 2

You know why there are lists of top 3s, top 5s, and top 10s in any profession or industry. Like which are the top 5 games of all time? Or who the top 5 actors are, and so on because people like to rack up their favorite things upon each other. That is why there are so many full ten videos or blogs on the internet. Another reason is that it makes it easier for people to choose or assess their likings. 

This rank list also provides a comfortable and chronological order, implying that someone or something is objectively better than everything else. It also trimmed down the exhausting amount of outcomes that can be derived if we talk about it in a more elaborate sense, but instead, if we only talk about the best of the best, it gets shortened and more straightforward.

The whole reason for the upper paragraph was to give context about why an author makes the list of something because I will list down the best three coaches of Dota 2 in this blog. So, let me explain if you don’t know what coaches are needed for a video game. 

So essentially, anybody who values their time and wants to get better at the game pays for these coaches to get lessons on improving their gameplay. Don’t get me wrong, these coaches cost money, and some are a lot more expensive as they are more experienced than others, but all in all, they are a faster way to improve at Dota 2 or any competitive game. So, by paying them a sum, you are essentially fastening your way to being a better player at the game. 

The criteria of the top coaches would be how their trophy cabinet looks, so whichever has the most trophies and titles will be at the top of the list. But I will go more in-depth about their journey and how they ended up on the list.

1. Silent:


The first addition on the list is “silent” his real name is Airat Gaziev. He is from the Cis Region and is currently coaching team spirit. This year’s international winners and what a year he and his team had. Last year, Team Spirit won the Riyadh Master’s Dream League season 21 and, of course, the International, making them one of the most successful and EBITDA-positive teams. So, enough about team spirits; let’s talk about silence. 

Silent also provides Smurf’s experimental rank push to learn how to win games at low ranks such as Archon and Legend. To play at low ranks, you must have a Dota 2 archon or Dota 2 legend account., If you don’t have one, you can buy one from here.

So he is a 31-year-old guy who has spent his life playing Dota 2 for several teams. Some tier 1 teams He has played for are Virtus Pro, Quantic Gaming, Team Empire, and Win Strike. As a player, he has won over 300K $ worth of prize money, which is generally significant, but as a Dota 2 player, he played the game for years. This amount of prize money is not astounding, but as we see it, he is a much more capable coach than a player. His trophy cabinet includes two internationals, a PGL major, and three more tier 1 tournaments, which I discussed initially. He is also the only coach in the history of Dota to have won 2 internationals. Two thousand twenty-one internationals and 2023 internationals. All in all, he is undoubtedly one of the best coaches in the world at the moment.

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2. Cy:


The second coach on the list is “Cy,” and he is currently giving his coaching services to Gaimin Gladiators. He is also having quite an excellent year as a coach. His team has won multiple Tier 1 tournaments in the last few months. Cy’s real name is Aske Wilbur Vang Larsen, and he is a citizen of Denmark. Cy’s professional career as a player was not promising compared to the feats he has achieved as a coach because as a player. 

But whatever we are talking about is his current form and not his former self. So Cy has been coaching the Gaimin gladiators for the past year, And in that year alone, the team has won 6 tier 1 tournaments and has just come second in the international 2023. Those six trophies include Bet Boom Dacha 2023, the Bali major, season 20 of Dream League, and the Berlin major. Cy is currently one of the best Dota 2 coaches in the world.

3. Ceb:


The last coach on the list is the most famous one. Ceb is a founding member of Dota 2’s most celebrated team of all time, “OG” “He is also in the top 10 list of esports players with the most prize money. His career as a player is also extensively broad, as is his coaching career. Ceb has been coaching part-time on his team for an extended period; his first tier 1 tournament as a coach was back in 2016, almost eight years before this blog. As a coach, he has won 5 Tier 1 tournaments; as a player, he has won nearly 12 tournaments, including two internationals. His rank in this list is influenced by his achievements as a player and coach because he and his team have performed in both his roles as a coach and as an offlaner in OG.

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