Pacman 30th Anniversary – Your All time favorite Game of the 90s

Pacman 30th Anniversary

I still remember those days when I used to play games on my old computer, and there was no competition for these iconic video games ever made. From Snowbrow to super mario, the excitement of playing those games after a hectic school day was worth every penny.

So today, we will talk about one of the famous games from the 90s kids’ childhood known as Pacman, where ghosts are chasing Pacman, and they must escape from the funnel. To make this nostalgia alive, the famous Google Doodle was brought to life in 2010 to celebrate Pacman’s 30th anniversary.

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How are people celebrating Pacman’s 30th anniversary?

Old is gold, which means if you want to highlight something, bringing back its original version into the current era is a great idea to capture folks’ attention.

So the same goes for the iconic game Pacman, where makers create digital versions of this original game so everyone can enjoy childhood nostalgia. Pacman was initially released in 1980, but later, it was brought by Google Doodle in 2010.

Moreover, you can also enjoy this game on playstation4 and Xbox, which Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc released.

Who Invented Pac-man?

Toru Iwatani (The ultimate game designer) was the one who created this fun game pac-man. His idea behind creating this invention was very unique. He wanted to create something out of violence because, in those times, only action and fighting games existed, liked by only boys.

To create something for every gender, including kids so, after breaking the stereotypes, he came up with the idea of pac-man. This game was so fun and engaging that kids, couples, and women were addicted to the concept.

After this spectacular invention, Toru Iwatani created history in the game as this is a source of entertainment for everyone. He succeeded in making the gaming environment comfortable for everyone rather than killing and violence.

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How to play Pac-man?

Nowadays, it’s easier to play Pac-Man with the help of touch screens and Ps4. But in the 80s, people used to play the ultimate game with joy sticks or keyword arrows on Pcs. The game has four different rivals: Clyde, Pinky, Inky, and Blinky. And the Hero of this game is Pacman, where you have to move the arrow in specific directions for the collection of 240 coins, and these coins are present in the form of dots.

In between playing, you must secure yourself from these four ghosts as they seem innocent, but they have different strategies in mind to exit Pac-Man from the game. These ghosts have various modes, such as scatter, Chase, and frightened.

However, you have to play carefully to save yourself from these ghosts. Once you indulge yourself in the game, even with a low score, you will be able to know about their evil plans. So to learn more about Pac-Man, it’s necessary to try the game first.


I hope now you are well aware of the game Pac-Man. After the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man, makers are releasing some additional features for the revolution of Pac-Man. These changes include Pacman adventure battle, weekly maze challenge, story mode, etc. However, we can expect some more exciting features coming in as Pacman’s 40th anniversary. Follow our blog to learn more about such exciting games. If you have any questions about the game, let us know in the comments below!

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