A Try-Hard’s Guide to Wordle Success in 2023

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Wordle has taken the internet by storm, becoming a beloved word puzzle game that challenges players to guess a five-letter word within six attempts. What makes Wordle so addictively fun is its simplicity and accessibility. However, for those who yearn for more than casual wordplay, a subculture of players known as “try-hards” takes Wordle to a whole new level. In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of try-hard Wordle enthusiasts and explore their strategies for Wordle mastery.

1. Build Your Word Bank

One of the critical traits of a Wordle try-hard is an expansive vocabulary. To succeed, you need to have a well-stocked arsenal of five-letter words at your disposal. Start by jotting down commonly used five-letter words and gradually expand your list—the more words you know, the better your chances of hitting the target word.

2. Prioritize Common Consonants and Vowels

In Wordle, not all letters are created equal. Some notes appear more frequently in words than others. Consonants like “r,” “s,” “t,” “n,” and “l” and vowels like “a,” “e,” and “o” are more likely to be part of the target word. Therefore, try-hard players should prioritize guessing these letters first. They give you valuable information about the word’s composition.

3. Pay Attention to Letter Placement

Wordle provides essential feedback by coloring letters in your guesses. Yellow letters are correct but in the wrong position, while green letters are correct and in the right spot. Use this feedback to your advantage. Try using the green notes in different places within your subsequent guesses to identify the correct word.

4. Use Word Patterns

Watch for word patterns that might match the target word as you make guesses. For example, if you have correctly guessed the first and third letters, try words that fit this pattern. Wordle try-hards often mentally juggle multiple possibilities to deduce the word’s identity.

5. Elimination and Process of Elimination

Another key strategy is the process of elimination. As you make more guesses, you’ll eliminate letters that don’t appear in the target word. This process helps narrow down the possibilities, making it easier to guess the correct phrase within the limited attempts.

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6. Stay Organized

Try-hard Wordle players often create grids or tables to track their guesses and the feedback received from Wordle. This organization can help you see patterns and make informed decisions for your next guess. It’s essential to keep a clear record to avoid repeating unsuccessful guesses.

7. Don’t Waste Guesses

Every guess counts in Wordle. Try-hard players should spend their time on words that are unlikely to help them solve the puzzle. Avoid guesses like obscure acronyms or terms with rare letters unless you have substantial clues.

8. Practice Patience

Wordle try-hards understand that Wordle is not just about brute-forcing random words. It’s a game of deduction, pattern recognition, and word knowledge. Sometimes, taking a step back and thinking critically about the information you’ve gathered from previous guesses before making your next move is necessary.


Wordle try-hards elevate the simple word puzzle game to a challenging mental exercise. While casual players and try-hards enjoy Wordle, the latter group’s dedication to mastering the game sets them apart. By building a robust word bank, prioritizing common letters, and employing strategic guessing techniques, Wordle try-hards strive to achieve that satisfying feeling of deciphering the target word within six attempts. Whether you’re a casual player or a try-hard, Wordle offers a unique and enjoyable word-puzzling experience. So, put on your thinking cap, sharpen your word skills, and take on the challenge of Wordle!

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