A Gaming Revolution: The emergence of Yandex Games

Yandex Games

Globally, there are about 3.09 billion active video gamers, according to the most recent statistics. That number has increased by more than 1 billion (32% more) in just seven years. And by 2024, there will likely be 3.32 billion players worldwide. A $385 billion market for video games is predicted. the video gaming business has been one of the most prosperous in the area. “The figures show that gaming is no longer a niche activity, but one of the preferred activities for Latin Americans,” says Pavel Epishin, director of Yandex Games. Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico are the countries in the region that provide the most revenue, and by 2024, it is predicted that the populations of these markets in that region would rise to 325 million. For gaming platforms, studios, and developers, this makes that region a significant market.

Yandex Games

With the aim of contributing to the growth of the video game industry in the region, the Yandex Games platform joins the scene. Founded in 2018, it currently offers more than 10,000 games on its platform and has a community of 24 million users who spend an average of 40 minutes a day playing.

Diverse Gaming Catalog

The platform offers a diverse catalog in the region, considering gamers’ favorite genres. In Mexico alone, it was confirmed that the most requested genres are action/adventure (71%) and shooter (66%). More than 30 different game genres are represented in Yandex Games, including sports, shooters, racing, adventures, arcades, tactics, simulations, and puzzles. Users of the gaming platform can access the catalog directly from their smartphone’s browser and play without any prior installation or through their Android app.

Strong Gamer Audience

According to data from Google, the strongest gamer audience in Latin America is predominantly between the ages of 25 and 34 (33%). The percentage is equal (24%) for those in the age groups of 18 to 24 and 35 to 44. Similarly, the study predicts that by 2024, the audience for live content will reach 122.4 million people. It also indicates that approximately 41% of the Latin population spends a little over an hour playing games on their mobile devices.

Increased Time Spent on Online Games

In the region, the average time spent on online games has increased from 6 hours a day to 10 hours. “Yandex Games users spend over 70% of their time playing on their phones. This is convenient because there are many short games available.”

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Ideal Games for Mobile Devices

The platform offers games that are ideal for these devices. You don’t have to buy anything, download, or wait for the game to install. To start playing, you just have to click on the game you like from the catalog.

Free-to-Play with In-App Purchases

All games on Yandex Games are free. Some of them offer in-app purchases for extra time, lives, points, or accessories for the game characters. Payment options are available through a bank card or with the platform’s virtual currency called “Yan,” which can be purchased or earned through activity on the platform.

Future Growth of the Gaming Industry

The growth expectations for the gaming industry in the region will continue to be very high. Technological and socioeconomic changes have redefined how Latin Americans spend their leisure time, notes Epshin. “The value we place on time has changed with the advent of new technologies and internet access. Now, we enjoy spending part of our leisure time connected, and when we are connected, we choose to play, as something casual, moments that are probably not planned but are meaningful to us.”

Yandex Games’ Long-Term Vision

In order to provide customers as many innovative and top-notch games as possible, the platform is aiming to create a long-term presence in the area and engage with prominent local companies.

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