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Learning becomes fun when you have clearer visuals and new study methods. In this digital era, teachers are more concerned about the child’s progress, so to tackle this problem, technology geeks have launched a productive way to support fun learning. The well-known Pear deck application is designed to make interactive presentations so teachers can get the most out of it.

The main motive of this tool is to edit and create new presentations on big screens by teachers. Not only this but students have access to add study material on their devices for a more detailed view of any topic.

This tool is a professional add-on of google slides that can also be integrated with google classroom for a great setup.

In this article, we will learn why you should joinpd .com as a teacher and discuss some of its features, so read till the end to explore more about this digital tool.

What exactly is Pear Deck?

Remote learning has become more accessible due to the invention of software like pear deck. This tool allows teachers to edit, share, create, and view awesome presentations from home.

This tool aims to engage students as teachers who are free to make slide-based presentations for classroom and virtual learning. The best thing about pear deck is teachers can control everything from their Google accounts.

The tool is integrated with Google, where teachers can even track who is active in the class. Yes, the student’s response will directly appear on the screen when participating in the class. Tools like the Pear deck are the best way to give independence to students in remote and physical learning.

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What is Joinpd for students?

If you want to join as a student, there are two ways to enter the classroom, so let’s see what these are.

1. Email and Microsoft account Method

If you want to joinpd with your name, go to the official website of and connect it with your Google or microsoft360 account. You may need to enter some login credentials to access the dashboard. This way, you can easily access the pear deck presentation and other study material provided by your teacher.

2. Anonymous way

If you have no time to connect your account with your Gmail, type joinpd in the search, and the page will appear on your screen. You will see a little box here where you have to enter the joining code provided by your teacher. You can get this code from your teacher via email or chat. If the code doesn’t work, tell your teacher to send you the class URL so you can join without much effort.

To view slides and other elements anonymously, it is essential to install a good browser on your device, such as Firefox, chrome, opera, etc. However, Pear Deck works on multiple devices, including pcs, laptops, and mobile, but I recommend using laptops as the visuals will be more precise.

Features of Pear Deck

If you are using Pear Deck, you will get numerous features which are as follow:

  1. Teachers are allowed to show study material not only with traditional projectors but with interactive whiteboards to promote virtual learning.
  2. You can add multiple-choice questions in presentations along with options like true/false, ABCD, and any possibility of your choice.
  3. Students can interact with teachers using a free space or grids to draw questions.
  4. Teachers have access to the lock screen of students, so they won’t get a chance to replace answers.
  5. The excellent audio feature, where creators can add their voices to make the presentation more appealing.


Pear Deck is the ultimate learning hub which comes with many other features. So it’s worth a try if you are a teacher looking for a productive way to engage your students. Joinpd today to explore the new world of learning, as it is a free add-on by Google.

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