Which Platform is best for Content Creators?

Content Creators

Need for content creators currently

Digital landscape concerning with online earning is always changing and innovating producing bigger and better ways for the creators to earn money. With the progress and technology, the online workforce is getting Skilled and new ways to make money are being perfected every day.

Online content creation is relatively new field when it comes to making money but this does not mean that it is any less significant turn the other ways to make money online.

Whole of the online ecosystem is data driven these days and online creators fill the niche between the users and creative thinking. They employee their ideas and passions to innovate and produce content that is well liked and can be used to make money.

From written blogs to short videos to telefilms to YouTube and Spotify the list of Best platform for content creators that can give you monetisation is ever increasing.

Gap between Consumers and Corporations

The consumers of today consult the Internet before doing anything and the lack of entertainment has made people to bend more towards the prospects of online entertainment. The traditional media is in an average state of decline, which has created a gap between the legacy media users and social media users.

People trust the first hand information they got from the users like them rather than journalists or news media outlets this has also given rise to online and freelance journalism on social media a lot of platforms are available that can help online creators with freelance journalism like YouTube Facebook and Instagram.

Fashion Blogging for Content Creators

On the other hand, fashion industry is also changing and a way to incorporate social media in their everyday sales this has given bloggers unique opportunity to do fashion blogging and earn money simultaneously. Fashion blogging is very popular, as people want the first-hand account of the people that actually use the product rather than going and selecting products blindly.

Today everyone has a smartphone and is connected with the world through the Internet is a completely new world in word some sense. People equipped with smartphones can easily create content that shows their love for something and their passion for it while making money at the same time.

Websites that pay content creators

Many websites are present on the Internet that pay content creators to publish their content there Content can be of different types when it comes to the world of content creation it can be media content that is pictures and videos or it can be simply writings. The basic premise of the completely content creation ecosystem is that the more views you get the more money you earn.

With the increase in number of content creators, the number of websites that offer money are also increasing. Websites are coming with new one innovating ways to pay the content creators to be ahead of their competition here are some of the best content creation websites in our opinion Facebook Instagram Twitter FunMeSocial and TikTok. They offer onetime payment as well as monthly subscription for online content creators to make money.

Best platforms for online earning as a content creator

If your content is media related and consist mainly of videos or songs YouTube is the best platform for you 8 as designed and optimised in a way that it will provide you with great number of viewership this well satisfy your creative imagination while providing you with the good sum of money in order to support yourself. It also offers a partner program, which helps you monetize your content on YouTube. You tube has many added benefits including third party sponsorships and ads on your videos.

Writing Based Content

If your content is mainly in the form of writing, you have many avenues. You can go for blogging as well as you can work on platforms like Upwork and fiver you can directly sell your creative work to the clients or you can upload it to a 3rd party blog they will  share their revenue with you according to the ads that are run on your article the more viewership you will get the more add revenue you will get.

Patreon as the Best Platform That Pays Content Creators

Patreon offers its users monthly subscription packages that are specifically helpful for online content creators. 

If you are an online content creator and work on patreon you can have a monthly subscription package and your viewers will pay you a certain amount of money every month to access your content this has given rise to a lot of freelance independent artists as well as content creators and is the best way to gain financial stability.

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Instagram blogging and reels is also a very promising way to make money you can have direct influence on your viewership and gain viewership in no time this can help you achieve 3rd parties sponsorships as well as work directly with brands and marketing firms.

You can express yourself freely and make money on the same time this can be your primarily as well as secondary income source based on your liking. It is indeed the best platform for online creators to earn money


Substack is in new platform that has emerged which allows users to have a monthly subscription with the content creators the content creators can create their newsletters or blogs or magazines that they can share directly with their clients and this helps them make money this has also given rise to great amount of freelance journalism as well as magazines and can be a good source for secondary income.


There exist many online platforms for content creators to make money the bottom line to your earning as a content creator is to stop thinking and start doing if you will start with your blog or any other content that you like you will gain viewership and you will earn money one day.

You just need to start the more the effort you put in the more the chances of your success will be and in this age of ever evolving online market, one must not think and wait anymore and start doing.

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