What are the significant reasons to go for online BA courses?

online BA courses

In today’s highly competitive job market, having a bachelor’s degree is almost an essential prerequisite for lucrative career opportunities, even if you are not aiming for corporate jobs. Pursuing a bachelor of arts degree allows you to specialize in subjects of your choice from various humanities and social sciences disciplines. However, not everyone can afford a regular on-campus degree due to constraints like affordability, access, or work commitments. This is where online degree courses for BA come in very handy.

Online bachelor’s programs offer affordable and flexible learning options for working adults and learners from all walks of life to earn their BA degree. Here, we discuss the primary reasons that make online BA courses an excellent alternative for higher education.

Career Advancement

One of the top reasons to pursue an online bachelor’s in arts is to enhance your career opportunities, get pay hikes, or reach higher positions and designations. A recognized bachelor of arts degree boosts your professional credibility, whether in creative fields, running a business, or in non-corporate roles.

The transferable soft skills gained through a BA degree, like communication, analytical thinking, cultural knowledge, emotional intelligence, creativity, etc., are valued highly by employers currently. So, taking online BA courses while working can drive faster career progression.

Transition to New Domains

A bachelor’s degree in arts equips you with multifaceted knowledge spanning diverse subjects instead of just specializing in one specific domain. This allows professionals to expand their scope and transition smoothly across different fields and roles.

For instance, someone with a technical profile can use their online BA degree in English literature to switch their career to content writing, advertising, or journalism. A BA degree’s broad applicability and interdisciplinary nature make your career options more versatile.

Salary Increment

Research shows that professionals with a bachelor’s degree earn over 60% higher median salaries annually than those with just a high school diploma. You are getting a bachelor of arts degree through flexible online mode, which also results in better compensation in your current role.

Higher Studies Eligibility

After 12th grade, only some are sure of what they want to study further or their career path. An online BA program allows you to keep your options open for future specialization or higher studies after gaining broad-based knowledge of diverse subjects and domains.

Once you complete your bachelor of arts degree online while working, you can apply to on-campus or online master’s and Ph.D. programs to develop your career interests further.

Gain Global Exposure

Online degree courses have transformed access to quality international education. Leading global universities now offer online BA programs that allow working professionals to study from anywhere in the world and earn a foreign university degree.

Pursuing a bachelor of arts degree from an overseas university gives you international exposure and a perspective on global standards. This results in better career mobility.

Affordability Factor

On-campus bachelor’s degrees involve huge costs related to tuition fees, accommodation, books, projects, transportation, etc., making it challenging for many to pursue. Online BA courses are generally 40–50% more affordable in comparison, as you save on these additional expenses.

Many universities provide flexible payment options for online undergraduate programs. Reduced costs make earning a recognized bachelor of arts degree accessible for learners from all backgrounds.

Self-paced Learning

One massive benefit of online degree courses is that they allow self-paced learning. Working adults who enroll in these online BA programs can conveniently plan their study schedules, job roles, and other commitments.

The asynchronous delivery of course content makes the learning process more personalized based on individual needs and pace of understanding. Students get enough time to grasp concepts.

The option to replay lectures, constant access to courseware, and flexible assignment timelines are other perks of self-paced online BA programs for working professionals pursuing higher education.

Networking Opportunities

Despite the use of virtual mediums, networking is not compromised in online bachelor’s programs. Virtual hangouts, group learning activities, and peer-to-peer forums allow you to connect with classmates, seniors, and industry experts and build your network.

These connections become applicable to exchange notes regarding projects, case studies, career guidance, or even explore new job opportunities.


Pursuing online BA courses from institutions like Sikkim Manipal University is now an off-beat option for earning an internationally recognized undergraduate degree today, thanks to top global universities offering digital programs on par with campus education. Their flexible delivery model, affordable fees, networking events, and real-world learning activities make online bachelor’s in arts programs viable for working professionals.

It perfectly meets the needs of modern learners by driving faster career progression, salary hikes, exposure to versatile skills, and higher study opportunities. So, if you are looking beyond classroom degrees, online BA degree courses provide the most well-rounded learning experience from the comfort of your place.

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